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The Top FAQs About The Heart Initiation Academy!

You'll get access to our audiobook, My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure & Purpose. 

You'll also get access to our Telegram group, online Heart Initiation Academy, our monthly live healing calls that will help you:

Love yourself
Forgive yourself
Accept yourself
✓ Understand more about the next steps on the healing journey of your heart
✓ Help for a deeper understanding of your relationships
✓ Learn top nutrition tips
✓ Understand the importance of your pineal gland
✓ Understand more about the journey to understand The Holy Trinity Within
✓ Learn more about The Great I AM and what it means for the healing journey
✓ Get free meditations for your heart
✓ Understand your own consciousness
✓ Understand the link between sexuality & your heart
✓ Understand your Divine Plan & the connection to your heart

and much more!

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The word comes from the Academy in ancient Greece, which derives from the Athenian hero, Akademos. Outside the city walls of Athens, the gymnasium was made famous by Plato as a center of learning. The sacred space, dedicated to the goddess of wisdom, Athena, had formerly been an olive grove, hence the expression "the groves of Academe. 

In these gardens, the philosopher Plato conversed with followers. Plato developed his sessions into a method of teaching philosophy and in 387 BC, established what is known today as the Old Academy.

By extension, academia has come to mean the cultural accumulation of knowledge, its development, and transmission across generations as well as its practitioners and transmitters. In the 17th century, British, Italian, and French scholars used the term to describe types of institutions of higher learning.

Yes, for sure. These are the fundamental teachings to help you regain your purpose, power, and pleasure in life.

Your heart will know if we are the ones to help you or not. If we are not, that's totally fine. We want you to follow the healing path that your soul wants you to follow.

"The Heart Initiation team are doing the work of God on Earth. All the evils on Earth have at the core root cause a lack of love. In a world that is scarce of love and where junk sex is everywhere… the people at Heart Initiation have created a journey in healing the wounds of your past and creating conscious love in your life. Thank you so much. "

Irina Goia

An Initiation Is A Rite Of Passage To The Next Level Of Your Infinite Being.

You Can Heal Everything In Your Life By Raising Your Heart Into A New Vibration


"The full Heart Initiation course has been providing me not only with tools to grow, things to observe gently in me… It has been doing more than anything has done before in my life. I learn to see the opportunities, the shadows, the present, the past, my body, my heart, ME with love. I am so happy that something like this exist now, and so grateful. I can feel the effects on me, but also in everything around me, the beauty is real, there is hope, love is a the truth, this is a real University, I hope no one misses this chance, is a beautiful privilege. THIS IS A WAY OF CHANGING THE WORLD! I love the passion, the perseverance, the courage in this project, I wouldn’t be here if it wouldn’t be that way! I believe in this amazing program with my whole heart and every cell in my body! It not only introduces you to some of the most important and powerful concepts in personal development such as self love and emotional mastery but also gives you a whole array of powerful tools so that you can shed anything that’s holding you back from living an authentic love-filled life."

Christine Maldonado, Ecuador

"I'd done some casual healing and therapy, but I never got any real results. Then I listened to Stephen's book. Wow! A whole new world has been opened up to me! In a short time, I realised what had been plaguing my entire adult life. A closed heart that I never knew was closed. Untreated childhood trauma that I had never addressed. Stephen's book has provided me with the path I've been looking for, and even though I have only just begun this exciting new journey, Stephen is now leading the way. I am now more myself, more confident, more loving (including self-loving), more giving, and overall happier with life!"

Andy Moore, UK

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"One of my favorite parts of the book, is when the author says, "We were born of the stars. We are stunning and spectacular. That stardust is embedded in our skin. It is up to us to find these answers within." This is such an amazing book. It gave me more understanding of my own personal healing journey, as well as the sacred Union with my Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine and why this is so needed on the planet now. The author is very direct. The information is simple to digest. I also appreciate the humor that he brings."

Dominique Pontecorvo, USA

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"For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also."

Luke 12:34

"Save yourself years of searching. While most courses introduce you to a single method or modality, this course takes you on a complete transformational journey. It not only introduces you to some of the most important and powerful concepts in personal development such as self love and emotional mastery but also gives you a whole array of powerful tools so that you can shed anything that’s holding you back from living an authentic love-filled life."

Nadine, UK

"Stephen, your idea to offer knowledge and support of this kind into an accessible and comprehensive manner is incredible. It’s something that people really need, even if most of today’s world isn’t aware of that yet. Possibly because of that reason more than others, it was obvious to me from day one how difficult an achievement this must actually be for you. No one else is daring enough to offer something quite like this to the public, not yet. I think in time that may change. I pray that it does and that your efforts will be recognized in the light they deserve to be. Personally, I’ve been working through the tools discussed in the course for months. I never would have been able to understand how to approach my trauma without this course, it has saved my life, it has proven to me there is hope for betterment. Everyone else has given up on me and expected me to give up as well, but your work showed me how to keep trying. And now I share what I’ve learned with my young son, so that he may grow up knowing what love is and break the familial cycle of abuse and self-hatred he otherwise would be destined to continue. No matter what your future holds now I want you to know how much of a difference you’ve made in my life. I want you to see that what you created was worth it. I wish you the very best, and thank you for everything! It not only introduces you to some of the most important and powerful concepts in personal development such as self love and emotional mastery but also gives you a whole array of powerful tools so that you can shed anything that’s holding you back from living an authentic love-filled life."


"Stephen, your work is amazing. The speakers that did each module were brilliant. The content changed my path radically. I'm so blessed to have been able to experience the course. I was at a fork in the road and I was lucky to have found you. So my gratitude to you Stephen, you have changed my world. You changed many peoples world. I love my life with no television, never buy a newspaper because to be honest I'm ashamed of my species. So much crap out there…Sooo thanks again!"

Jess, UK

"I would recommend this course to anyone who desire to experience more presence; drop into your body, hear inner wisdom and live your pleasure, power and purpose. I had many brain orgasms, lovegasms, and soulgasms throughout my Heart Initiation journey. In fact I now can name, clearly map and describe the sublime dimension that I have been visiting since my childhood. I’ve had so much contact with it recently via Heart Initiation which makes even better portal. It was Magical! Thank you for this amazing experience ❤️"

Olya Butterfly, UK

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