The Evolving Lover Podcast by Heart Initiation

The Evolving Lover Podcast by Heart Initiation

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The Evolving Lover Podcast is hosted by Stephen James Burford and features conversations about conscious relating, sacred sexuality, and spirituality.

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Episode 24: Hypnotherapy: Heal & Build Your Immune System with Stephen James Burford

Episode #24

Please listen in bed or relaxing at home. This recording will send a healing energy vortex through your body to heal and upgrade your immune system. If you would like to receive Stephen's book for free and join our...
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Episode 23: Self-Love Chat: What Is Yoni Mapping?

Episode #23

In this podcast, we discuss yoni mapping with Bonnie Bliss from Byron Bay, Australia. We talk about how Bonnie got into giving yoni mapping sessions, what a session looks like, and how it can benefit someone who has a...
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Episode 22: Truth Chat: Why Christ Was A Shaman by Stephen James Burford

Episode #22

The Gospel of Thomas that is published in the Nag Hammadi books is very useful for understanding inner alchemy, healing, and how to relate to yourself and others. Stephen speaks about how Christ is an inner shaman and...
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Episode 21: Truth Chat: A Letter To The President of The USA by Stephen James Burford

Episode #21

This is an interesting letter to the President of The United States of America and commentary from Stephen James Burford. Thanks so much for listening. Who Wants To Fire Up Their Soul To The Next Dimension Of...
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Episode 20: Relationship Chat: How To Build Love In A Long Term Relationship with Rick Gabrielly

Episode #20

In this powerful podcast, Steve speaks to Rick Gabrielly, The Marriage Boss about how to build your own house of love and how to set healthy boundaries (or not) in your relationship. Rick has 27 years of marriage...
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Episode 19: Relationship Chat: What Makes You Attracted To Someone? With Kute Blackson

Episode #19

This podcast clip was recorded in 2016 with Kute Blackson and Stephen James Burford. Sending you so much love at this time of Great Awakening!
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Episode 18: Relationship Chat: Best Advice For Parents Of Those Thinking Of Becoming Parents with Rick Gabrielly

Episode #18

Father of two, married for 29 years and with each day better than the last, Rick Gabrielly has learned some wisdom about life that very few get to realise. The self-proclaimed 'Marriage Boss' will open up your heart...
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Episode 17: Self-Love Chat: What Would Your Penis Say If It Could Talk? with Diana Nuñez

Episode #17

In this podcast, we pretend that if a penis could talk, what would it say? Many penises grow up in trauma so this is an interesting conversation, to say the least! We speak to Tantra Therapist, Diana Nuñez about...
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Episode 16: Self Awareness Chat: What Wants To Express Itself Through Me? with JP Sears

Episode #16

This is a podcast we recorded in 2015 and it has been brought back through the archives as a reminder to us of who we really are. JP Sears has been a phenomenal voice of truth via his satirical videos in the last year...
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Episode 15: Self Awareness Chat: What Is The Divine Masculine & Feminine? With Shondra Rose of Light

Episode #15

Discover what the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine really is with Shondra Rose of Light. Shondra teaches at our Heart Initiation school. Who Wants To Fire Up Their Soul To The Next Dimension Of Interacting With...
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Episode 14: Self-Love Chat: The New Masculine with David Bruce Leonard

Episode #14

David Bruce Leonard teaches at our Heart Initiation school. We recorded this podcast in 2014 but we feel it is very relevant to now and will be relevant a long time into the future! Enjoy!Who Wants To Fire Up Their...
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Episode 13: Self-Love Chat: How To Start The Journey Of Healing Yourself

Episode #13

Discover why the healing journey is often a difficult one and why the most important thing you will ever do is take the first step on it. This is a fascinating podcast, we know you will enjoy it!Who Wants To Fire Up...
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