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About Us

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The overall vision of TThis, in turn, will restore integrity to the planet and union back with the feminine (within themselves). 

We believe in having specific pillars of education that are available to all. These are those pillars:

  • Self-love, self-awareness, and self-acceptance
  • Knowledge and tools of how to move past old traumas, past heartbreaks, so that presence can be obtained right here, right now
  • A deep understanding of what true heart to heart communication is. Clear and open communication when it comes to consent, resolving issues, expressing love, and much more
  • An understanding of what the inner masculine and inner feminine is inside each of us so we have more profound compassion for others, no matter what sex they are
  • Guidance on what it takes to embody unconditional love at every moment of each day
  • A profound understanding of sacred sexuality which would include the power of the breath, the power of presence, the power of intention, consent, the energetic body, full-body orgasms, the power of sacred self-pleasure, and much more.

We will forever be students in love and sexuality. We will keep on reporting back our learnings in our content.

We also recognise that there is no one size fits all with sex and intimacy education. You may resonate with our work, you may not. This is why we need a multitude of educational resources (offline and online) to cater for everyone. We do our best to keep our education accessible for all types of people as it is based on self-understanding, clear communication, love, self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-knowledge.

Who Is This Heart Initiation For? 

The Heart Initiation is designed as a living, practical wisdom that you can go back to any point. Each module is the opportunity to initiate oneself. Initiate with more self-love, more healing, more compassion for our inner child, a deeper connection to our sacred sexuality, to our unconditional love, to our connection to the Universe.

We are for those people who desire their relating to be a sacred practice, a place of ritual, communion, compassion, love, and vibrant orgasmic flow.

Our Past

Since 2012, we have been publishing Raw Attraction Magazine. A magazine that aims to put men & women on the same page - literally and figuratively. We also founded The Online University of Love & Sexuality from 2015 to 2020.

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Our Content:

We do our best to be all-inclusive but we still need to add more content. It’s our mission to provide the most useful free content to all of humanity. If you have suggestions for improvements (without insulting us), then please write to us.

Medical Disclaimer:

The articles published on are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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