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"When I started with my mentor in May 2015, I had no idea how much it would change me. She was the master inner alchemy shaman of the universe & she helped to heal everything within me via The Holy Trinity Within. This helped me escape the matrix, find my dream partner and continue my mission here on Earth. Now I am honored to bring these powerful healing tools to others." 

Stephen James Burford


Stephen & Katerina Can Help You...

✅ Stop Going Around In Circles Of Pain In Your Relating

✅ Come Into Deep Alignment With Your Divine Plan or Mission

✅ Heal Your Family Relationships

✅ The Inner Alchemy Between Your I AM Consciousness, Divine Masculine, & Divine Feminine (part of your Holy Trinity Within). This helps you attract a higher vibrational partner or helps you heal any pain and trauma in a current relationship (this is CRITICAL)

✅ Come Into A Deeper Love Of Your Body & Open Up New Potentials For It... Orgasmically, Your Intuition, Your Health

✅ Upgrade Your Self-Love To The Highest Possible

✅ Gain A Deeper Connection To Your Body & This Sacred Earth

✅ Gain A Deeper Connection To Cosmic Flow and Cosmic Guidance

✅ Come Into A Perfect Symbiosis With Your Life & Universe 

✅ Know Yourself Deeper Than Ever Before

✅ Attract Your Perfect Partner (if you are single) 

✅ Discover Sublime Levels Of Pleasure When You Create A New Relationship With Your Body.

✅ Heal The Past With Regression Therapy (With Katerina) 

✅ Clear Energetic Blocks From The Body (Katerina) 

✅ Clear Your Path Of Manifestation Via Astral Clearing (Stephen & Katerina) 

✅ Unlock Infinite Bliss

✅ Unleash The True Power Of Your Sexual Energy!

✅ Yoga (Katerina is 500hr trained in Agama Yoga) 

✅ Learn New Levels Of Self-Mastery, Self-Acceptance, & Self-Awareness

✅ Embody Your Own Divine Essence And Feel Completely At Peace In Your Own Nature

✅ Create A New Crystal Clear Vision Of A New Future For Yourself & Walk Right Into It

✅ Know, Understand & Process Every Emotion You Feel So That You Don't Have To Keep Repeating The Same Experiences

✅ Understand Your Shadow Side, How It Works & How To Turn The Dark Side Into Gold

✅ How To Know & Connect To The Divine Love Of God/Source/The Great I AM Each Day

✅ How To Stand In The Fire Of Conflict & Not Be Burned

✅ How To Communicate Consciously With Your Partner Using Conscious Language In A Way That Creates More Love

✅ Understand The Death & Rebirth Process That Happens In Life & Relating

✅ Have An Amazing Sex Life

✅ Connect Deeply With Your Partner On An Explosive Journey Of Ecstasy

✅ Enjoy Unparalleled Freedom By Totally Immersing Yourself In The Present

Does that sound good?

About Stephen & Katerina:

Stephen Is...

Stephen is a 17th Dan Black Belt In Multidimensional Shamanism and inner alchemy who has walked the path to the full embodiment of his soul through a journey that has meant looking deep inside his heart for all the answers. 

When he was 28 he realized that the information out there to heal himself and make himself a higher vibrational match to a great partner was not out there. He therefore decided to make his own educational path by starting The Evolving Lover Podcast and Raw Attraction Magazine. The podcast has had millions of listeners and the magazine became more popular in the App Store than Cosmopolitan and Men's Health Magazine.

At 30, Stephen then went on to successfully crowdfund the world's first online university for love & sexuality with some of the world's best teachers including JP Sears and many others. This has since transformed into this website,

At 33, he wrote My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure & Purpose.

Whilst building these projects he also traveled to healing workshops all over the world and he discovered one particular mentor, an elder shamaness, in Colorado, USA and she took him to the edge of what was possible.

With her, he discovered how to heal on a whole new level and he hasn't found anyone as powerful as this mentor. She mentored him on and off for 5 years and took him through a world of inner alchemy like no other. It is through this Sacred Wisdom that he took the hero's journey to heal himself and now he brings back these teachings for you. 

Stephen is trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), shamanism, inner alchemy (turning your inner shadows into gold), dowsing, and deep soul transformation. 

Stephen is a great salsa dancer (Colombian Cali style salsa) and loves to be fun and playful in his teachings. His dry sense of humour comes from the likes of Karl Pilkington and Ricky Gervais.

Stephen lives in the Czech Republic and lives with his partner, Katerina where they built a healing center. 

He loves to teach people who want to traverse the inner worlds of transformation to help their most intimate partnership become more fun, joyful, and stronger than ever.

Stephen Is Not...

Stephen is not an accredited psychologist; he has no special letters after his name, has not lived in a monastery, was not raised by wolves and is (probably) not from the future. He does not channel any beings, or pass on messages from angels or spirit guides, although it can seem this way at times. 

Stephen is not a New York Times bestselling author or a household recognized name, he has never been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, or The Daily Mail. This has never been part of his ambitions. 

Stephen has never taken a company public, is not in the Fortune 500, and does not currently own a jet or yacht. He does however have a beautiful set of books including The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, The Divine Comedy, and The Nag Hammadi Scriptures. He really loves The Gospel of Thomas.


Katerina Is...

Katerina has graduated from a 550 hours TTC (Teacher Training Course), Agama Yoga level +6 [Kashmir Shaivism, Tantra – Hatha Yoga]. Katerina is also a Regression Therapist and has given many hundreds of sessions to others.

Katerina’s healing journey started 10 years ago with regression therapy. in 2015 she completed her studies of Agama Yoga teachings in Thailand where she lived for two years in an ashram. 

She has been teaching on a daily basis since 2015. Her work is based upon the experiences of many high-level teachers and expansive experiences. Kashmir Shaivism brings her a great knowledge of the alchemy of yoga, meditation, self-healing and gives her the opportunity to live a liberated life! She wrote an e-book in Czech called, 6 Keys To Your Own Practice. She also writes articles for one of the most famous Czech yoga magazines.

Katerina Is Not...

Katerina is not a trance channeling witch from the school of Hogwarts. She neither is an ancestor of Aristotle (but could be) or the Princess of Spain. 

She hasn't climbed Everest (yet) but has climbed the mountain of healing in her own soul. 

Katerina is not a unicorn from the fifth dimension (it's probably the 7th dimension). 

Go On A Deep Journey To Discover The Holy Trinity Within

Katerina and Stephen's work are an embodied exploration of Christ Consciousness within. Stephen was taught this work by his mentor (Shondra Rose of Light) and of course, by his own I AM Self. 

"If they have ears to hear, let them hear." 

This journey is not for the feint of heart. 


“Save yourself years of searching. While most courses introduce you to a single method or modality, Stephen's course and mentoring takes you on a complete transformational journey.

It not only introduces you to some of the most important and powerful concepts in personal development such as self-love and emotional mastery but also gives you a whole array of powerful tools so that you can shed anything that’s holding you back from living an authentic love-filled life.”