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Are You Ready To Embody Your Divine Nature? Yes?


Unleash Your Path Into Your True Power, Unlimited Pleasure & Divine Plan Aligned Purpose!


Discover The 10 Keys To An Ecstatic, Fulfilling Life.



Overcome The Overwhelm Of Following Your Inner Path

For such a long time, you’ve had this intuitive pull that there’s so much more out there (and in there) for you.

You are a truth-seeking soul, committed to the path of unveiling your sacred nature. But sometimes there’s too much going around you, too many distractions that keep you from finding your inner guidance.

You can feel your own dormant power vibrating inside you, but it can be disorienting to dive into the inner work without guidance, or someone holding the space for you. 

A simple, clear voice to spark and catalyze the change inside you is what you yearn for. 

You can focus on your path to leave aside the paralyzing overwhelm of having too many options demanding your energy at the same time.

Written and read by Stephen James Burford, My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure and Purpose was created to give you the space to get in touch with your divinity. 

This book exists to make the clarity more accessible to jumpstart your transformational journey.

In this light and easy-to-listen audiobook, Stephen will lovingly allow your soul to have the breathing room to explore higher expressions of consciousness.

This carefully crafted content takes you by the hand on a discovery path to your unconscious mind, body and soul.

By following the 10 Keys to Unleash your Power, Pleasure and Purpose you will be opening the door to a fulfilling, expansive life where you are in integrity and alignment with your Divine Plan.

Discover how to deprogram yourself from the conditioning that keeps you trapped in fear, shame and guilt about your sexuality, power and pleasure. Let your limitations fall off from you to reveal the true radiance of your Soul.

You are the One you are seeking, and you hold the answers within you!

Spark miracles into every corner of your life, and unleash your love like never before! Bring an unending cosmic flow of joy, power and pleasure into your reality.    

In, this book you will be guided to understand how the 10 keys play a major role in creating the ecstatic, blissful life that is your birthright.

You will be introduced to practical tools you can explore to expand your consciousness and allow your Soul to unleash its full ecstatic potential.

Your ecstatic healing power is greater than you could imagine… and it has always been within you!



Ignite Your Journey Into Alignment With Exclusive Bonuses!


Flow effortlessly into bliss with the perfect complement to your audiobook! We have crafted an exclusive bundle where you’ll be equipped with two extra bonuses to help you connect with the ecstatic power of your sexuality:

-BONUS Advanced Guided Self Pleasure Meditations (Value $333)

To assist your healing in multiple dimensions, you will receive two immensely powerful self-pleasure guided meditations. 

These meditations were written by the late Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay of Awaken Your Light. Jeremiah was an advanced bodyworker and worked as an extremely advanced Cosmic Shaman before he died. 

You will receive two ecstatic recordings: one in a male voice and the other in a female voice. These meditations are the perfect companion through your journey in awakening your Sacred Sexuality.

Experience expansive growth by combining the teachings of your audiobook with this regular healing practice!

- Powerful BONUS Abundance Transformational Recording! (Value $3333)

This Rapid Transformational Therapy Recording gets your mindset into a wealth and abundance state, shifting old limited beliefs into the infinite abundance that comes from unconditional love.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a groundbreaking therapy based on neuroscience designed to give you fast, effective results. It combines the best from Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT.

Experience the extraordinary, permanent healing that comes from addressing the true unconscious root of trauma and pain. Achieve unparalleled transformation by rewiring neural pathways in the brain with RTT, empowering you to choose your own patterns of behavior. 

You will experience how embodying abundance impacts other aspects of your life. It’s all connected!



Your soul’s journey doesn’t have to be isolating. Get access to a private group of uplifting, aligned tribe members supporting each other on their path to claim their own power and living in integrity. Share your truth with our tribe. Feel the love connecting us all and how we’re all truly one!

- Feel supported and nurtured in your journey inside our private community. (Value $2222)



Rebirth Into An Ecstatic Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 

Once you choose to embody the 10 Keys to Unleash your Power, Pleasure and Purpose, you will rebirth into a higher version of yourself. You will see the vibrant, ecstatic and erotic nature of who you really are. You will…

- Spark A Cascade Of Ecstatic Changes In Your Life. By applying the 10 Keys, your growth and alignment will create a ripple effect of bliss in your life. Gone will be the days where distractions, scattered focus and overwhelm paralyzes your inner growth and expansion. 

Discover Sublime Levels Of Pleasure When You Create A New Relationship With Your Body. From how to nourish yourself to self pleasure, you will become amazingly attuned to your own body, so you can share it with others from a state of joy. 

Enjoy Unparalleled Freedom By Totally Immersing Yourself In The Present. You will feel intense relief when you permanently release past pain and traumas trapped in your body. You will no longer be held hostage by the painful wounds of the past. 

Tap Into The Fountain Of Your Inner Bliss! Nurture and heal your Inner Child for lasting peace and emotional mastery. Feel whole and complete by connecting with your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. 

Unleash The True Power Of Your Sexual Energy! You will have sex more often, build anticipation and ignite desire. Experience more expanded types of orgasms, create a platform for the incredible joy of Sacred Sex and harness your sexual energy as a creative force. Embrace The Most Potent Healing Force Available Through The Art Of Sacred Sex!

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Step into this opportunity to break the cycle of limiting programming and connect with your authentic self. Empower yourself to shed off decades of harmful conditioning about your sexuality in the most aligned, effortless way. 

Allow this book to be your go-to guide of practical wisdom to revel in a safe, sacred space to explore and unleash your sexuality.

Your authentic Power, Pleasure and Purpose awaits you!

This transformational Bundle includes:

My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure & Purpose - Audiobook (Value $1111)

BONUS Abundance Transformational RTT! (Value $3333)

-BONUS Advanced Guided Self Pleasure Meditations (Value $333)

- Exclusive Access to our nurturing private community. (Value $2222)

But today, you will get it for only $33.33!

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Kirsi Maria

My Ecstatic Rebirth is an audiobook fully concentrated (no bs) with vital information for anyone walking on the path of awakening to the higher consciousness and wanting to live life from love and heart.

The book speaks about the importance of sacred union between feminine and masculine and helps to understand the importance of becoming whole through healing of the wounded feminine, - masculine and inner child. All those three can be found inside of everyone of us.

One whole chapter is dedicated to sacred sexuality, revealing what kind of pleasure is possible to us when following the wisdom spoken in this book.

I highly recommend this audiobook! 


Irina Goia

The team at ULS is doing the work of God on earth. All the evils on earth have at the core root cause a lack of Love.

In a world scarce of Love and where is sex is everywhere, yet most people never experience more than junk sex or years of abstinence.

The people at ULS have created very high quality material to support your journey in healing the wounds of your past, and creating conscious love in your life!


Melissa Elizondo

All I can say is Wow! After 21 Days ... Abundant I AM! I am finding myself saying yes to opportunities without friction. I am finding myself more open to positive thinking when it comes to my finances. I am also finding that I am more in tuned on what I spend my money on.

Outside of the Abundance, I am noticing that I am making more clearer decisions in general. I am taking a pause instead of reacting on / in my emotions when faced with a decisions. But most of all I am gaining the love and awareness that I did not have for myself.

I am excited to move to the next phase and still use this therapy mixed in my daily practices.


Frank Mule

This book is very educational and enlightening. There is nothing else like it. It will give you the tools you need to access a blissful state by helping you break through all of the outside influences that are present in your life.

Stephen guides you through all of the aspects of love and sexuality that have become tainted and help you rebuild a strong connection to yourself which allows for greater connection to others.

I recommend it to everyone because there is an infinite number of ways that you can benefit from this amazing book.


Ecstatic Rebirth Transformational Bundle

Audiobook + Abundance RTT + Community Access