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If Your Yoni Could Talk, What Would It Say?

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If Your Yoni Could Talk, What Would It Say?

In this podcast, Steve is in Colombia and he speaks to Diana Nuñez of Sexurero about vaginas who have something to say to the world. This is a very ear-opening podcast for people with and without yoni’s – please listen to what the yoni's have to say!

This is a perfect podcast about self-love for the body, specifically your sacred genitals!



Yoni/Pussy Art!

Salt Lake City, USA based media artist Jacqueline Secor is being fanned with increasing praise for her “Diversity of Nature”, a gorgeously unapologetic series of yoni paintings!

This article contains adult content.

The project began as Jacqueline’s coping mechanism to body dysmorphic disorder. As a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jacqueline struggled with “a widespread unspoken rule that women should conform to this really narrow...


How To Enjoy Sacred Oral Sex As A Woman

oral oral sex sex sexuality yoni Oct 03, 2020

It's OK – you're not the only one who finds it a little awkward.

In fact, having your partner go down on you can be really challenging. 

You would think that receiving the delicious pleasure of your partner's tongue on the innermost parts of your delicate folds would be easy, right? But it can actually bring a lot of emotion to the surface. It can trigger insecurities, intense vulnerability, uncomfortableness around receiving and even pressure to perform.

And then sometimes,...


How I Had A Huge Heart Orgasm That Changed My Life


In the last couple of months, I have been diving deep into a new way of relating. This new way of relating involves connecting to the mystery of relating. To the not knowing, to the creative power that lies underneath all that manifests in our 3D reality. This new connection to the mystery of relating has given me a huge blessing in the form of an amazing new lover. She embodies Aphrodite and she shares her energy abundantly with me. I am so grateful!

As we lay...