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How To Enjoy Oral Sex As A Woman

oral oral sex sex sexuality yoni Oct 16, 2020

It's OK – you're not the only one who finds it a little awkward.

In fact, having your partner go down on you can be really challenging. 

You would think that receiving the delicious pleasure of your partner's tongue on the innermost parts of your delicate folds would be easy, right? But it can actually bring a lot of emotion to the surface. It can trigger insecurities, intense vulnerability, uncomfortableness around receiving and even pressure to perform.

And then sometimes,...


How To Eat Pussy Better Than Anyone On The Planet


In this article on the art of pussy eating we interview our lesbian friend, Lizzie, about how to eat pussy like a king (or queen!) 

Lizzie, is there more than one way how to do it?

Personally, I don’t think so. I find oral the quickest way to make a girl climax, so that’s why I do it!

Okay… let’s go through it step by step…how do you eat pussy like a king (or queen)?

Step One. How To Eat Pussy.

Sweet cunnilingus. How I love it to worship her pussy....


How To Give A Blowjob That Expands His Mind & Heart


First of all, let’s start changing the name of ‘blow job’ to ‘cock workship’ or something similar. It’s not a job. It’s an act of prayer and reverence. For those who want to experience the other, go to our other oral guide - how to eat pussy.

In this interview with Ella, we speak about how she learned her expertise on how to give a blowjob that blows his mind.

Ella, tell us about your relationship and how porn helped you gain...