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Are You Thinking Of Becoming A Parent? Listen To This Podcast

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Are You Thinking Of Becoming A Parent? Listen To This Podcast

In this podcast, Steve speaks to Rick Gabrielly about having children. This podcast is extremely useful if you are thinking about having kids or even if you have kids and you want to re-evaluate why you brought them into your life.

Listen to The Steve Experience Podcast on these platforms. If you search out podcast #18 then you will find this specific podcast with Rick:

Here Are The 14 Reasons Why...


We Are All On A Journey To Discover What Truth Is

I'm now in my late thirties (time flies!) and it was probably around the age of 15 that I wanted to discover what truth is. It was at that age The Matrix movie came out and I knew that there was truth embedded in that movie. 

I ignored calls for truth for about another 13 years until I started Raw Attraction Magazine and I decided to make the magazine for both men and women. It was at that point when I realized that I was starting to do what nobody had done before; be an...


How To Have More Sacred Sex With Your Partner


This is a clip with Steve and Triambika Ma Vive from our full Heart Initiation Rebirth course.

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 We take you on a journey to help you claim back all your power, pleasure, and purpose!


The Gospel of Thomas: 14 to 27. With Interpretation.

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The Gospel of Thomas: 14 to 27. With Interpretation.

In this podcast, Steve reads The Gospel of Thomas 14 to 27 and gives his interpretation of the sayings.

If you would like Stephen's interpretation of sayings 1 to 13 then please click here

If you would like to understand why Christ was a shaman then please click here.

Listen to The Steve Experience Podcast on these platforms. If you search out podcast #5 then you will find this specific podcast with Steve:


The Wonders Of The Universe Exist Inside Your Heart


Your pure, pure heart is your core - it's your everything. 

When you were first born into this world, you knew nothing but pure love and light, you were love and light.

All you could feel was love.

You were fully open.

Gradually you had to face challenges that brought up different feelings. These were difficult feelings, which you didn’t know until then. You didn’t know how to deal with them. Those feelings were dark and painful so you pushed them away, hid them,...


Perfect Health Is A Spiritual Path with Dr Doug Lehrer

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Perfect Health Is A Spiritual Path with Dr Doug Lehrer

In this podcast, we speak to a friend of the show, Dr Doug Lehrer about what true perfect health really is. Dr Doug explains how he works with his pioneering Cellular Resonance process on his patients and how we can all step up in our health during these times and beyond. His answers are not what you think!

Dr. Doug Lehrer, DC, CQM is a much-loved visionary leader, doctor, speaker and pioneer in the “healthcare of the future” (energy medicine). With his characteristic high...

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Do you desire for our education about the higher self, the soul path, inner alchemy, self-love, self-care, how to heal the past, unconditional love, integrity, and intimacy to be part of universal consciousness?

Money is like water and in order to co-create our creations here on Earth, we need water to feed our plants, our animals, and our trees. If we want to build the greatest blooming of the heart then we need that water!

We, therefore, appreciate you if you can send...


How to Bring Out the Best in Your Partner


How to Bring Out the Best in Your Partner

by David Bruce Leonard and Jodi Baygood

Please Note: All people have masculine and feminine qualities, regardless of their gender. We use the terms "men", "women", "masculine", and "feminine" in this article for convenience, but in truth either polarity can be assigned to either gender. Masculine concepts are applicable to women with a strong masculine alignment and feminine concepts are applicable to men with a strong feminine alignment. Feel...


When You Have Evolved Sex. You Change The World.


Evolutionary sex is without a doubt the most powerful sex I have had in my entire life. This mind-blowing sex transcends a normal act between the sheets. Its effects are felt long after the arousal ends by rippling pleasure out into the world.

Foreplay begins with me coming into balance within.

When I pick my partner from a balanced place, I choose balance in my mate, and as a result I help restore balance in my world. This balance pleasures not only me, but many...


What Is Your Relationship To Your Sex Life?


Often young males were in their teens, they started to associate ‘being cool’ with getting laid. Haven’t lost your virginity? Uh oh… you’re not in the cool group. Getting laid was the coolest thing one could do and it seemed as if it was the only way to transform from worthless to worthy. What an unfortunate situation to grow up with that peer pressure and know nothing about intimacy at that point. Even more debilitating to that is the...

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