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We Are All On A Journey To Discover What Truth Is

I'm now in my late thirties (time flies!) and it was probably around the age of 15 that I wanted to discover what truth is. It was at that age The Matrix movie came out and I knew that there was truth embedded in that movie. 

I ignored calls for truth for about another 13 years until I started Raw Attraction Magazine and I decided to make the magazine for both men and women. It was at that point when I realized that I was starting to do what nobody had done before; be an...


How To Have Power & Freedom In Your Relationships with Stephen James Burford & Katerina Kostkova


In this podcast, Stephen speaks to his beloved partner, Katerina Kostkova in a conversation about how they met and what sharing power and freedom means to them. This will be the first of many podcasts with Stephen & Katerina. If you would like to work with Stephen & Katerina then please visit https://www.heartinitiation.com/discovery-call

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The Awakening Path To Heal Myself by Stephen James Burford


This was recorded live on Youtube on July 4th 2021. This is Stephen James Burford, founder of HeartInitiation.com speaking about his awakening journey. 

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Why The Story Of Sleeping Beauty Is SO Important Right Now


The story of Sleeping Beauty is SO important right now. Listen to this podcast to discover why.

In this podcast, Stephen reads from his mentor's notes, Shondra Rose (roseoflight.com), and adds his own interpretation of WHY this is so important right now.  

...Are we IDENTIFYING so deeply with THE 13TH SISTER that we have forgotten that we are ALSO SLEEPING BEAUTY? Where is OUR FOCUS? Our PRINCE?

This fairy tale has a DEEP LESSON for us, in the current "Story of Our Nation".



#138 The Corona Placebo Effect with Peter Sage


In this fascinating podcast, we speak with the incomparable Peter Sage about the current situation in the world. Peter has some amazing insights to share with you.

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We highly recommend Peter's book, The Inside Track for an inspirational guide for coming through adversity. Check out www.PeterSage.com 

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His new book is called, My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure & Purpose!...


#137 Emergency Coronavirus Podcast: The Process, Hope & Opportunity


In this podcast, we speak to mentor to the stars, Vanessa Petronelli and the ever unconditionally loving, Rick Gabrielly. 

We speak about what is going on in LA, New York, and Prague and how we are all reacting and the opportunity we have as a species and as an individual right now.

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His new book is called, My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure & Purpose!

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