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What Is The I AM Consciousness?

Jesus said: "Show me the stone which the builders rejected; it is the cornerstone."

Gospel of Thomas - Saying 66

On my journey to discover regain my power via specific alchemical tools given to me by my healing path, I have discovered it is the I AM consciousness that the builders rejected. 

The 'builders' are simply the ones who are attempting to build themselves into healed human beings. On my journey, of the thousands of people I have met who are on the healing path, only a handful...


Holy Sacred Union Within Is The Key To Your Power & Peace

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Holy Sacred Union Within Is The Key To Your Power & Peace

In this podcast (recorded in 2016), Steve speaks to Shondra Rose of Light about sacred union within... the coming together of the masculine and feminine within (no matter what human body you inhabit and what gender or no gender you define yourself as). Shondra was Steve's mentor in 2015 and 2016 and helped him step into his full power via working with his I AM Self. 

The core of these teachings are discovered with a deeper understanding of this diagram: 

You can learn...