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How To Use Sacred Sexuality For Your Empowerment

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How To Use Sacred Sexuality For Your Empowerment

In this podcast, we speak to Vasanti Kea about using sacred sexuality as a social movement for the collective empowerment and recalibration of our society.




Hi, everyone. Today we're here with Vasanti Kea who's out of Toronto, Canada and she is a tantric teacher and erotic empowerment guide with a mission to help people reclaim this sacred sexuality for happiness and healing. So, it Vasanti,...


How To Stop Ejaculating & Use Your Sexual Energy As Fuel For Life


Men are addicted to ejaculation and they don’t even know it. We haven’t been educated about what might help us grow as a species.

“The world would be a happier place if men ejaculated less and women orgasmed more”.

In this article, we look at how to stop ejaculating.

We feel it is very important for men to have a rite of passage into adulthood. A lot of young men don’t have rites of passage anymore. Women, no matter where they are in the world, have a...


What Is Sacred Sexuality & What Can It Do For Your Life?


This article about what is sacred sexuality comes from a transcript of our podcast with Raffaello Manacorda.

Steve: How would you define sacred sexuality? What is sacred sexuality?

Raffaello: It’s a great question. Sometimes I play with words and instead of saying ‘sacred sexuality’ I say ‘sexual sacredness’ – it goes either way. For me, sacred sexuality is the union between two poles. One is the sexual pole, and the other is the sacred/spiritual...


Interdimensional Warfare. Are We Living In A Matrix?

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Interdimensional Warfare. Are We Living In A Matrix?

By Steve.

It's gonna be about my story. I haven't talked about on the podcast I've told a few people in person happened in 2015.

Things kind of got very intense with me going on this journey. I see myself as an investigative love journalist, looking at what happened on this planet between the masculine and the feminine.

The learnings that I found and other teachers have found along the way.

And so so on this journey, I was probably three, four years into it into studying masculine and...


How Can I Control My Ejaculation & Last Longer In Bed?


This article is based on an interview conducted and recorded with Israel Kanner on November 14, 2013. Israel is a Tel Aviv-based coach who teaches clients to achieve self- understanding and mastery of life through the body. Website: Full disclosure: He is also this author’s partner, in life and in bed. This article is all about how to control ejaculation.

It all began with a disgruntled female lover. After a kettlebell-related back injury in the winter...


What Is Tantric Sex? Three Top Tips To Get Started


What is tantric sex? Once a mysterious ‘other-culture’ practice, tantric sex has all but gone mainstream. Steve Jobs, Sting, Rita Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Heather Graham are (or were) among admitted devotees to the practice. P. Diddy tweets about his tantric exploits! Discussions about tantric are everywhere, making the quest for the G-spot seem so last millennium.

With all the whispers about more than 24-hour sex sessions and ‘higher plane...


Why Saying No To Sex Is Often A Way To Self Love

consent safe sex sex sexuality Apr 17, 2019

Ask yourself these questions…

  •  Do you know your true boundaries?
  •  Can you say no in any situation?
  •  Or are you easily persuaded to say yes?
  •  Will you stand up for your rights in ANY situation?
  •  Do you know your moral standards of what is and what is not acceptable for your own body/soul/health/mind? Do you? Do you REALLY?
  •  Do you know how to say no in your sex life?
  •  Do you know how to say no to your boss?
  •  Do you know how to say no...

The Benefits of Pegging For Men


After researching about pegging, I decided to bite the bullet. I had been interested in doing this for a while and thought about asking ex-girlfriends to fuck me with a strap on but I always thought that they would judge me if I did.

I am currently single and so I decided to look up a kink practitioner in my local town. I found one which intrigued me but she didn’t show her face in the photos. Most of the photos on her site were her showing off her collection of...


6 Important Traits Of The New Relationship Paradigm


We’ve all seen them, maybe been in one or grew up in one – those relationships that arrive at a certain point in time and then stagnate, with clearly delineated boundaries and roles. At best they are the equivalent of a toddler’s snuggle blanket, making us feel warm, cosy and safe.

At worst, they make us feel restricted and lifeless as if we’ve been sealed in a box. And the sad thing is that this form of long term relationship is still the dominant one today,...


The Internal Clitoris - It's Big & Beautiful!


In over five million years of evolution, only one organ has come to exist for the sole purpose of providing pleasure—the clitoris! The internal clitoris is part of an education most of us never had!

There is no requirement for it in reproduction.

It does not have a urethra running through it like the penis, and thus, there is no urination.

Its sole function—its singular, wonderful  purpose — is to put a woman in a blissful state!

Yet, we...

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