What Is Your Relationship To Your Sex Life?


Often young males were in their teens, they started to associate ‘being cool’ with getting laid. Haven’t lost your virginity? Uh oh… you’re not in the cool group. Getting laid was the coolest thing one could do and it seemed as if it was the only way to transform from worthless to worthy. What an unfortunate situation to grow up with that peer pressure and know nothing about intimacy at that point. Even more debilitating to that is the other social norms of porn addiction and slut-shaming. These must stop.

Sex is proverbially thrust in our faces on a daily basis when it comes to the media and advertising. So, it begs the question…

What is your relationship to sex?

Have you ever thought about what your relationship to sex is? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does sex set you free?
  • Is there love and connection in your sex life or are you afraid of that?
  • Do you feel you need sex to feel better about yourself?
  • What is your relationship to self-pleasure? How connected are you to your genitals
  • Do you use sex to feel your potential as a human being? 
  • Do you use sex for healing and nourishing your body? 
  • Do you make love or fuck?
  • Do you feel connected to your heart when you have sex or self-pleasure?
  • Do you use sex to avoid your feelings?
  • Do you feel shame around your sexuality?
  • Do you feel angry about your sexuality?

Our relationship with sex defines us.

I want mind-blowing sex that shocks my partner and me into an alternative reality. I want such a degree of connection that our senses are transformed into another dimension. Of course, this isn’t possible every single day. I travel so much that these experiences may only happen once a month or two months. 

It’s okay if you haven’t had sex recently. This isn’t a time to feel sorry for yourself or have an empty feeling inside. This is a time to feel full. 

Value and love must spread across all areas of your life, not just with sex and relationships. What are your goals? What is your mission in other areas of your life?

Think of that tomorrow morning when you wake up. The choice is yours. I only ask you to ask yourself that question…

What is your relationship to sex?

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