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Yoni/Pussy Art!

Salt Lake City, USA based media artist Jacqueline Secor is being fanned with increasing praise for her “Diversity of Nature”, a gorgeously unapologetic series of yoni paintings!

This article contains adult content.

The project began as Jacqueline’s coping mechanism to body dysmorphic disorder. As a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jacqueline struggled with “a widespread unspoken rule that women should conform to this really narrow definition of perfection”.

After she removed herself from the Mormon community – she began channeling the overwhelming mix of emotions into art.

Women from all over the world modelled for her surreal archive of female anatomy’s multitudes of beauty.

Having grown up in Pollock Pines, CA at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Jacqueline draws influence from nature as well as primitive art & prehistoric cave paintings.

Her “Diversity of Nature” puts focus on the elemental power of the female body, and serves as a fantastic celebration of womanhood.

Jacqueline notes, “Painting vulvae, focusing on details of women’s bodies, even the parts that are ‘supposed’ to be hidden, does sometimes feel like a small act of resistance ― a way of saying that women don’t need to hide, that we deserve a place, not just in the art world, but in every sector.”






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