My Third Eye Is A Yoni & Can Orgasm For 25 Minutes

orgasms sex sexuality Jan 27, 2020

Written by our founder, Steve Burford.


It was earlier this year that I started to have these types of brain orgasms. I can go deep into a trance and all my lover needs to do is lick my forehead as if it was a yoni.  

The longer that she flicks her tongue or kissed me deeply on my forehead, the deeper I would go into an orgasmic trance. It was magical! Each layer that I went deeper I could not believe where I was going! I stepped deeper and deeper into ecstatic bliss.  

So, what is the third eye? 

The third eye is also called the inner eye or the mind's eye. It is a mystical concept of an invisible eye that provides perception beyond ordinary sight. In certain spiritual traditions, the Third Eye refers to the Ajna chakra. 

In Taoism, third eye training involves focusing on the third eye while the body moves in various qigong poses. This training allows the students to tune in to the vibration of the universe. Taoism also claims that the third eye is one of the main energy centers in the body.  

The Christian teacher Richard Rohr's concept of the third eye is that he sees it as a metaphor for non-dualistic thinking. He refers to this level of awareness as having the mind of Christ.

Yet in all these spiritual traditions and religions I have not found anything about third eye orgasms! 

I do not claim to be enlightened because I experience them. I believe anyone can have these types of orgasms. I am still seeking to understand the practical use of these types of orgasms.

I have started to use my third eye in my daily life by feeling when my third eye is open or closed. When I have to make important decisions for my business or in my life I will see how my heart feels about the situation and I will see if it is a “yes” from my third eye. If I feel a block in my heart or my third eye (they are always in sync) then I will make a different decision. 

From my understanding of this human experience, (or soul experience with a human overcoat), is that there are energies, very subtle energies, at play all around us at all times. I believe the universe is wholly benevolent and she is trying to help us so when we can listen truly with our hearts (and perhaps our third eye) we can make decisions more in alignment with the highest good for ourselves.

Of course, this is my subjective opinion. Your experience of life may be very different. It could be true that these types of third eye orgasms or heart orgasms (which I can also have by tapping or licking on my heart) can really help to heal these energy centers in our body, which many people call chakras. I do not have any scientific proof of this at the moment, and it is unlikely I will ever have scientists in white coats present during my brain orgasms. At this moment it is just orgasmic guesswork!

My experiments with opening these energy centers will continue. At the moment the longest *brain orgasm* I have achieved with this forehead licking is 25 minutes.

I will report back to you with my findings and I ask others to do the same. I believe this is possible for everyone. If you want to start having them, belief in these types of orgasms is the first step.

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