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The Two Types Of Power. Divine Power & Corrupt Power.

Over the last decade, I have been researching what power is and I have been on a deep shamanic journey to take back my power from those to whom I had given it away.

To understand power, I believe it's best to distil power down to two forces that are prevalent on this Earth. 

Power = Creation. Creation = Power.

How do you create your life?

Do you create your life in alignment with God/The Great I AM? Or do you mess about with corrupt powers that involve lying, ego, and false idolatry?

Divine Creative Power

True power lies in divine creation and in order to access your true creative potential means that you have to come into alignment with God/The Great I AM. 

When you observe nature and contemplate how it was created, you can start to understand the true creative potential of God/The Great I AM. 

You have access to all this creative power if you can create in pristine alignment with God/The Great I AM. 

This, however, is a challenge because without the right tools the soul can be thrown off the right path and the ego can drag an individual into sin. 

What is required is a commitment to healing oneself by going on a soul journey with the specific intention of regaining all of one's power, pleasure, and purpose.  

True divine power comes in understanding how to access the true divine power in the Double Holy Trinity Within (33). 

When you are able to understand the Double Holy Trinity Within then you are able to be in full alignment with God and in full alignment with your Divine Plan. It is at that point that you start creating miracles. 

Corrupt Power

This type of 'power' has become much easier to see in the last few years, it is all around us. It's the corrupt power of governments, big pharma, big tech and all of the other companies that treat humans like dollar emblazoned cattle. 

This type of 'power' is in fact an illusion. It is built on a web of lies and when pushed, will fall over like a house of cards. 

The energy that held this corrupt 'power' is held together by a network of people who are committed to sin - namely lying, pedophilia (just research Epstein Island and how bad child trafficking really is), and other criminal activity. 

Everywhere you look there are corrupt journalists, celebrities and social media influencers who support the deceptive narrative.

What are they trying to deceive us all from? The truth. The truth about how you get all your power back. The truth about what has happened here on this planet. The truth about how corrupt they really are. The truth about God/The Great I AM... there are infinite layers to the truth. 

If you are still living in the layers of deception and want to get out then I recommend listening to my book, My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure & Purpose here.

Steve is the founder of Steve is an investigative journalist. He investigates the multidimensional nature of reality, the Holy Trinity Within, shamanism, inner healing, inner alchemy, culture, geopolitics, war, psychedelics, sacred sexuality, justice, truth, The Great I AM, the soul, the heart, and much more. He is also an educator about inner alchemy, regaining your power, pleasure & purpose. He is also an author, podcaster, multidimensional shaman, editor, artist, and poet.