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The Practice Of Alignment & Its Importance


Alignment is a lot like driving a vehicle or steering a ship. It's not a one-time event that affects your entire lifetime, but it's a continuous process of course correction so that you arrive safely at the destination without crashing off course. Sometimes you will be taken dramatically 'off course' to bring you back into alignment. 

For example, in 2015 I went to Costa Rica and was attacked by inter-dimensional beings and adventure lead me to regain my power and my purpose. It was dramatic and I didn't expect it.

Your ability to navigate with good alignment requires you to access a place of higher intelligence (your I AM Self) from which pristine guidance comes. 

When you disregard the guidance of the I AM, you leave yourself at risk to forces outside of you, who are eager to use your resources.

If you are not paying attention to your resources/your energy by way of muscle testing/dowsing then you can leave yourself open to being smashed off course. 

The Universe will not protect you if you routinely distance yourself from your I AM self or ignore the gifts that have been divinely offered for your safety and well being. 

If you choose not to be a responsible driver, your experience is likely to become precarious; perhaps with crashes or painful burns. Or there could be a sense of feeling lost. 

The good news is that you HAVE CHOICE, and one of these choices is to purposely and intentionally align with your Divine Plan that was put in place for the benefit of your soul.  

It is there for each and every one of us, and the Divine Plan with which you came into embodiment is as unique as your fingerprints or your DNA. But if you choose not to align with it, it will not be forced upon you, nor will it serve your friends, family, and the planet.  You are afforded free will, and each of us is the only one who can fulfill that part of the Higher Plan of Creation (Your Divine Plan).

How To Align With Your Divine Plan

“All of your GOOD is in your Divine Plan.”  The question is:  How WELL are you ALIGNED with your Divine Plan, and are you able to RECEIVE from it/connect with it/engage it?

Your Divine Plan is discerned and provided to you by your Higher Self/I AM Self. 

It is designed to provide for you in every possible way, and it is also flexible when things shift. 

You don’t have to know what is ON it in order to avail yourself of its blessings and benefits.

If you are aligned with your Divine Plan, your GOOD will FIND US!  You won’t have to look very hard to find it anymore.

The energetic of alignment is very basic and forms a foundation upon which almost everything else rests.

It is also an area in which you have to be consciously engaging your being in better alignment with your Divine Plan or you will tend to ride on the minimal side of having any benefits.

Even for most conscious individuals and lightworkers, it is the same. 

It should also be noted that your alignment is not “singular” unless we have made it so.

Most people’s reality is “fragmented” into multiple alignments, which makes life more challenging to manage.

The shocks and traumas of daily life can produce multiple alignments, only ONE of which CAN be aligned with your Divine Plan. This tends to dilute down the benefits one can receive from Divine Plan Alignment. This has, on the whole, produced a very low average Divine Plan Alignment. E.g. if you had 20% Alignment, and got hit with an energetic trauma that fragmented you into 5 alignments, your maximum alignment could only be 4% at most, and this is where life gets riskier.

The global average person’s alignment with their Divine Plan is currently about 7%.  Below 5%, “bad things tend to happen”, like ER visits, accidents, breakage, injuries, illness, theft, loss, and other misfortunes.

Without support from your Divine Plan, things just don’t hold together well, and you are vulnerable to many other influences... From this perspective, higher alignment with your Divine Plan is your best insurance policy! It keeps you engaging with all that is good for us. But your goal here is more than just to keep the wolf from the door.

With higher alignment (20% or above), that is where things start “clicking”... synchronicities... being in the right place at the right time, exciting job offers, catching that flight, getting in the door before it starts to rain, offers of good things, free stuff by the roadside that is “just what you need”, connections with significant people for business and other things…. The higher the alignment, the better things tend to go! 

Even more significant is the relationship between the Divine Plan Alignment and your potential for fulfilling your Divine Mission for this life. 

If you came in with a Missionfull support from your Divine Plan is a prerequisite for fulfilment on your Divine Mission. 

The Soul’s impact on your ability to align with your Divine Plan:

In connection with the overall alignment with the Divine Plan for the embodiment is the soul’s level of alignment with the I AM Self’s Divine Plan.

This part of your being is very important because “she” will determine the direction of your life (and whether it is aligned or not aligned with your Divine Plan). The soul is the part of your being that is engaged in feeling and experiencing life, as well as holding memory from other embodiments. 

The soul has its own agenda for experience, which it came into embodiment to experience in THIS lifetime.

If “she” and her agenda are acknowledged, valued, embraced, loved, engaged, and supported by the conscious self and the Higher Self together, all can be accomplished in harmony with the higher plan and purpose for the embodiment. 

If, however, the soul’s agenda for experience has been neglected or judged by the conscious self and the soul feels disregarded or tossed aside, the soul actually has the power to derail the rest of the life plan while it seeks to engage its soul agenda, on her own

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

Gospel of Thomas

This derailment of the life plan in favor of the soul agenda tragically affects many who seem lost as to their true purpose in life. 

When this happens, you may have a feeling of spinning your wheels... having the same experiences over and over... but with no real traction. There is no sense of fulfillment and there can even be a sense of betrayal by Spirit/Source/The Universe. When your soul is disconnected from Spirit with disregard from the conscious self it truly has the ability to pull your entire life out of alignment in solitary pursuit of her own agenda.

This will show up in your experience in direct proportion to the individual’s relative happiness and satisfaction in life, or lack thereof. Once they know about it, one who is already adept at self-mastery will be able to easily meet this successfully.

Those who are still working at conscious self-care may require some gentle assistance to discover the soul’s agenda item(s) and align to help the soul meet them, so that a more fulfilling, satisfying level of alignment may be enjoyed by all.

Daily calling of one’s being, on all levels, into higher alignment can go a long way to boosting this and shifting one’s whole life experience.  When commitment to alignment is present, all manner of resources seems to “come out of nowhere” and support what may have seemed impossible or improbable to the lesser mind. 

Conscious focus and intent to create better alignment is the beginning of making course-correction. You can try it on your own, just by focusing every day, saying out loud, with authority and purpose:

I AM that I AM bringing my entire being, on all levels, into 100% perfect alignment with my Divine Plan NOW! So BE It! So It Is!  Anchor Lock and Seal I AM!  “  

Do these as often as it feels good, engaging the gut muscles (use your will forces!) on the ending part.  Increasing one’s alignment can and WILL cause changes in one’s life rather quickly!

Steve is an investigative journalist. He investigates the multidimensional nature of reality, the Holy Trinity Within, shamanism, inner healing, inner alchemy, culture, geopolitics, war, psychedelics, sacred sexuality, justice, truth, The Great I AM, the soul, the heart, and much more. He is also an educator about inner alchemy, regaining your power, pleasure & purpose. He is also an author, podcaster, multidimensional shaman, editor, artist, and Vatom NFT Creator.

This article is adapted from Steve's former mentor's wisdom at