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8 Things Your Soul Came Here To Experience


“When we came into these dimensions, we came from realms of spirit, a place where we were divine beings. The truth is we never stopped being divine beings!"

8 things your soul came here to experience:

  1. To Feel What It Is Like Not To Be Love & Be Loved.

Your soul came here to experience a journey that was specifically designed to show you what love is not.

If heaviness is what you came here to experience, because you couldn't have it 'up there' then you are not going to stay in a super high vibration of Love your entire lifetime. You are going to nip in and out of it, back and forth, remembering what it was like, briefly, and then going back for some more learning in the densities.

  1. To Experience Things Like Separation, Isolation, Sadness, Grief, & Betrayal.

Most of us have heard that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience in a human body. 

Emotions give us the rich tapestry on which we experience life. If we didn't have emotions human life would be like two pieces of paper talking to each other. It would very flat and one-dimensional! To experience grief, pain, joy, suffering, is something we could have not done anywhere else but on planet Earth.

  1. To Experience Sacred Sexuality.

There's a momentary touch in with the higher levels of the upper dimensions of our being when we have soul-connected sex. Most of the rest of the time, we spend in the 3D or 4D things that we do every day, looking for when we might get back to that momentary bliss.

Since that bliss point (during conscious sex) is what we're really looking to go back to over and over again, but we can't stay there (because we've got other things to do in our lives), we can look at the rest of our lives as the comparison.

  1. To Recognise Our Soul Agenda.

What's required to be in a state of ecstasy more often is to bring our entire being to a place of completion with more and more of the lower vibrational experiences that we desire to juxtapose to ecstasy. There, therefore, needs to be a soul plan in place to finish the coursework on these lower vibrational experiences.

In terms of being here in the 3D or 4D experience, most of us are here to keep engaging the densities in a more and more conscious way. The less conscious we engage the densities, the more dense experience (arguments/fights/war) we’re going to have.

As we move along our path of evolution, we will naturally gravitate to different methods to have higher dimensional or higher frequency experiences. It is at this point in our journey when we can expect to have a higher quality of life because we are starting to live more of our time in love and less time going into the densities.

We must agree with ourselves to complete a given thing on our soul agenda before we can move past it. We have to engage it somehow, and move through it, and give ourselves full permission to experience whatever the pain or the particular frequency of that experience is. When we do that we can move beyond it.

If we keep pushing the experience away, we won't have the full permission to move forward and we'll just have to keep going around and around, re-engaging the experience until we realize, "Oh. My soul wanted me to get the full experience of sadness. Okay. Alright… I feel the sadness really deeply now. Can I go on now? Oh good. Yes." Only then will we be able to move on to the next experience.

  1. To Complete Our Soul Agenda.

In our culture today, we are masters, absolute masters of distraction, and what are we distracting ourselves from? We are distracting our self from feeling what our soul wants us to feel so we can be complete with that particular quality of feeling. We must go somewhere where we can express our self without affecting others.

The most practical thing we can do to process an experience is to give ourselves full, undivided attention. Put aside the phone, turn off the TV, and step away from everything else, and give our self the undivided attention to process this specific experience.

We could write about it, we might want to go in our bedroom and have a cry about it, or we might go for a walk in nature and be with whatever the experience is. The most important thing to do is to give our self permission to experience this fully. We must give ourselves space to do that free of distractions.

Admit and take full responsibility when we play the victim. If we don’t know when we are playing the victim then we must ask our partner or a close friend to tell us when we are playing the victim (and we must not get mad when they do!) Thank them for their insight and find some quiet space to process this experience for our self.

  1. To Use Forgiveness As A Healing Modality.

Every time we have placed a judgment against others or against parts of ourselves, forgiveness and love is in order to resolve it.

Forgiveness heals the separation between the genders and between the masculine and the feminine within our own beings.

  1. To Embrace Everything With Love, Appreciation & Deep Gratitude.

Appreciation and gratitude pave a path for us to reconcile and restore the separation between the two genders so that we can come together in that place of harmony and love.

  1. To Drop Attachments

In each place that we have formed an attachment, whether it's an emotional attachment, a mental attachment, a soul attachment, wherever those attachments are, we can begin to get conscious of them and start letting go of the attachments that don't really belong to us.

When we attach to things that aren't part of us and these things disappear, we feel pain. So, start looking at life and ask, “What have I attached to that is not me? What people, places, things, emotions, food, or even substances? What am I clinging to for a sense of identity that isn't actually me?”

We can write a letter to all the things we have had attachments to. Our pets, our mother, our father, our partner, our telephone; tell them that we relinquish all ties now and that we are thankful for the lessons they gave us. When you are done writing, burn all the letters.