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Why The Story Of Sleeping Beauty Is SO Important Right Now

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Why The Story Of Sleeping Beauty Is SO Important Right Now

The story of Sleeping Beauty is SO important right now. Listen to this podcast to discover why.

In this podcast, Stephen reads from his mentor's notes, Shondra Rose (, and adds his own interpretation of WHY this is so important right now.  

...Are we IDENTIFYING so deeply with THE 13TH SISTER that we have forgotten that we are ALSO SLEEPING BEAUTY? Where is OUR FOCUS? Our PRINCE?

This fairy tale has a DEEP LESSON for us, in the current "Story of Our Nation".

The Basic Story                       

A childless king and queen, yearning for a child; receive a message through a frog who came out of the water in her bath, that their desire will be fulfilled, with the birth of a daughter.  When the child arrives, a celebration is held, and 12 golden plates are set out for the fairy/ wise women sisters who are invited to bless the child. At the end of the sumptuous feast, the Sisters bestow gifts of beauty, grace, intelligence, wealth, and so on. When the 11th Sister has delivered her blessing, the ugly 13th Sister (a witch) bursts in and vengefully curses the child, because she had been excluded. The hag declares that in the girl’s 15th year, Briar Rose will “prick her finger on a spindle and die”  The 12th Sister,  who had not yet given her gift, was able to soften the curse to 100 yrs sleep, not death. The princess grows up fair and bright and everyone loves her. Her father, attempting to protect his daughter orders all spindles in the kingdom to be burned.  But one day, after her 15th birthday, she is left alone while her parents are out, and she comes upon an old staircase up to a tower where an old woman is spinning.  She asks to try it, pricks her finger, and falls fast asleep, along with the rest of the kingdom, who soon follow suit, including the king and queen who were just returning to the castle.

One hundred years pass and the forest grows up thickly around the sleeping castle.  Many princes and fine young men try to enter and free her, but the brambles tear at them and many die in their attempt. Finally, the time of the curse is complete, and a young new prince, hearing of the legend, vows to find and free the princess.  As he rides up, the brambles blossom into roses and spring aside for him. He goes in, crosses the drawbridge and explores the sleeping kingdom until he finds Sleeping Beauty.  Even asleep, her beauty is so remarkable that he is deeply moved to kiss her.  She awakens, and then the whole kingdom wakes up and celebrates in joy for the two are married and live happily ever after.

A New Light on the Story

Let us now consider this story as a soul-level communication about the Age of Separation and all its illusions, how it began, that it WILL end and HOW it will end.  Sleeping Beauty is really a story of the feminine element.  The king and queen, who are impotent and barren, represent a wounded masculine and wounded feminine that were not in their full power to conceive a child and is experiencing lack.  The Wounded Feminine receives a kind of special dispensation, delivered by a water-dwelling messenger often associated with the Cosmic Divine Mother.  And the girl-child who comes, although her arrival was greatly celebrated, was cursed at her birth through the dark hateful magic of Hagdom,   While she was blessed with all the fine accouterments of the True Divine Feminine, on the cusp of her womanhood (the same age as Mary when Jesus was born!), was suppressed, and put into a dormant state through the use of wicked magic which was exercised by a Hag during a vengeful fit of rage.

The well-meaning old king (the Old Masculine) was wishing for that which he could not create, and when it comes by grace, he neglected to honor the Source of the gift.  He is fearful and stingy, operating from a place of limitation and conditions (only 12 gold plates), and was not able to spare her this fate even with all his attempts to control the kingdom with ridiculous laws to outlaw spinning wheels.   The spell puts the whole kingdom into a long slumber (into the Illusion of Separation) which lasts 100 years, a number that represents the completion of an entire age, and a very long time.

The spell is not broken until the time is complete (the End of the Age of Separation) and signaled by the arrival of a new prince from a neighboring kingdom (A new embodiment of the True Divine Masculine), who is not afraid of the legend and is committed to free her.  The End of the Age and the righteousness of this prince is evidenced by the fact that even the elements welcome him, as the rose bushes which had ensnared and taken many others seeking selfish glory of the wounded masculine to a painful death, now burst into bloom and spring back to let him pass.  He passes an entire slumbering kingdom unaware of his presence,  pressing on until he finds Sleeping Beauty (the True Divine Feminine who was artificially forced into a dormant state during the entire Age of Separation). The entire kingdom has slept and dreamed many dreams during the hundred years, but no one seems any older during the time of their sojourn in this “matrix of separation”.

When the prince (the awakened new True Divine Masculine) finally gets in to find his Sleeping Beauty (the True Divine Feminine who has been made dormant), he awakens her with a kiss.  The True Divine Masculine has the potent love and the uncompromised (unlimited) true power to finally awaken she who has been asleep for so long.  He recognizes her immediately and is drawn to honor her with his true love and to energize or activate her, raising her up to full womanhood, as his bride and equal partner in Sacred Union.  His kiss represents tender, gentle, pure love, love without attachments or conditions. He is not limited by the conditions of his predecessors, and because he supports all life, even the Elements honor and respond to him generously.   There is great joy and celebration as everyone wakes up out of their slumber and is present to the love they all feel for her.  The prince and princess marry (a return to Sacred Union of the True Divine Masculine with the True Divine Feminine).  Not only does he wake her from her slumber, but he calls her into womanhood and to own the fullness of her royal station as a queen/goddess.

And they lived happily ever after in the bliss and joy of their kingdom of Divine Sacred Union in the Oneness.


This is drawn from our work with the Divine Feminine and her Chakra System.  Our awareness is that the Divine Feminine and a balance of masculine and feminine that supports life with integrity on this planet has been missing for a long time, regardless of any story which is told to make sense for how it got that way.  There are many signs and signals that it is time for Her to return, in all her many forms.  The story of Sleeping Beauty informs us of a young prince who comes at the end of the age, and he is honored by Nature, the Elements, letting him pass and to find Her, whom he seeks.  The young prince is a representation of our awakening Divine Masculine (also the I AM Self), our awakening higher consciousness, that is starting to see the world he lives in is amiss and seeks that which will both partner with him pristinely, and restore order to our world.  He is asking inside of each of us “Where is She?  How can I find her?  Reach Her? Bring her forward to complete me and heal my world?  Our consciousness, our inner masculine is actively seeking her now, on many different levels.

In our agreed-upon arrangement for how things would be set up in Separation, the masculine was given the dominant role in the diminished state.  His job in Separation has been to keep the feminine subordinate, while he has made all the decisions for how things would run, in effect dictating the affairs of the dependent feminine, because, in her diminished state, she is not capable of doing so herself.  Now that we are coming to the “End of the Age”, we can look to this fairy tale for a clue as to how we will end Separation.  Please notice that the princess is not in a position to wake herself or “save” herself.  She is ASLEEP!  Our feminine CANNOT bring forward the piece that will shift things.  It MUST come from our masculine element, our consciousness.  “He” must notice things, learn skills, like riding a horse (mastery of the will).

He must awaken enough to dare to venture into the territory where “She” went to sleep, not to prove himself better than others, but because something deep within Him calls Him to Her.  HE must awaken FIRST, and then seek HER.

In terms of our chakra development, the 4th-dimensional chakras (up through #18) will not get us out of Separation consciousness.  We must venture into the 5th Dimension and beyond to access the remembrance of Oneness (call in a Divine Masculine from another dimension), the place in us which will cause us to seek and recognize and FREE Her, honor and cherish our Divine Feminine, and awaken her, activate Her, call Her forward to partner with our Divine Masculine.  In our work with the Divine Feminine Chakra System, the first prerequisite is to have activation in chakras #19-20-21 and above to BEGIN the process of “waking up” and opening the first Divine Feminine chakra.  It takes more activated upper chakras to begin to ACTIVATE the “Deep System”, as we call it.  The Divine Masculine MUST BE PRESENT enough to hold space for “Her” to awaken safely.  If the inner masculine is still dominated by the diminished form (who cannot bear the feminine being anything other than subordinate and dependent, inferior, etc) the wounded masculine will prevent the feminine chakras from opening or staying open.  This is why the path to Engaging and Empowering our Divine Feminine must be paved by first “engaging our Divine Masculine”, bringing forth the spiritual maturity needed to make the big shift within.  We must summon our Prince to be present and grown-up enough to awaken our Sleeping Beauty.

When She has been called forward, as a full partner in the Sacred Union, She, in turn, nourishes Him, which further empowers Him to further expand and more powerfully protect the pristine field He is holding for her pristine creations. When pristine creation is supported and made possible, "magic" is no longer necessary to find "other means" by which to create. But in the absence of some of the prerequisites for "pristine creation", magic and magical means were what was left to the feminine and the masculine in the diminished realms of Separation.  NOW, we have a whole new, pristine reality opening up to us, as a field of pristine possibility.

Deep Blessings,

Shondra ~ Rose of Light

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Steve is an investigative journalist. He investigates the multidimensional nature of reality, the Holy Trinity Within, shamanism, inner healing, inner alchemy, culture, geopolitics, war, psychedelics, sacred sexuality, justice, truth, The Great I AM, the soul, the heart, and much more. He is also an educator about inner alchemy, regaining your power, pleasure & purpose. He is also an author, podcaster, multidimensional shaman, editor, artist, and poet.