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Holy Sacred Union Within Is The Key To Your Power & Peace

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Holy Sacred Union Within Is The Key To Your Power & Peace

In this podcast (recorded in 2016), Steve speaks to Shondra Rose of Light about sacred union within... the coming together of the masculine and feminine within (no matter what human body you inhabit and what gender or no gender you define yourself as). Shondra was Steve's mentor in 2015 and 2016 and helped him step into his full power via working with his I AM Self. 

The core of these teachings are discovered with a deeper understanding of this diagram: 

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So in this podcast, I want to speak about Sacred Union within and what exactly that is.

Shondra what to you is Sacred Union within? Why is it so important?

Shondra Rose of Light

The Sacred Union within is something that most people have not had any context for, because the energies that have been present on this planet have kept everyone in a place that's not Sacred Union.

It's been conflict, conflict within families, conflict within the self, the conflict between men and women, and most especially conflict between our own inner feminine and inner masculine because we've been kind of stuck in separation.


Why is it so important that we look at the inner (Holy) Sacred Union? 

Shondra Rose of Light

I think it's important to first get into view what separation means.

In my view of things, we came here from a place where there wasn't any separation, where all the masculine and feminine energies were in perfect harmony.  There was a union, a flow where there was no animosity, and there was the connection, optimal, pristine, Divine Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

When we chose to come into these realms, we chose to come for a totally different experience of what we could have in those higher realms (where we came from).

The experiences that we came to have were all about the experience of masculine by itself and the feminine by itself. The interplay of each other and how we would come up against one other. 

So when we came deeper into the dimensions (The Third Dimension), this is where we say that the separation took place, and the masculine and the feminine were kind of pulled apart so that we could have this distinct experience.

This separation is still going on for almost everyone on the planet all the time. This distinct experience of the masculine energy and the feminine energy by themselves.

Before we even explain Sacred Union within it's really important to have that sense of what is the masculine is, what the feminine is, and that these elements are actually present within each of us. Even though I'm in a female body, I still have masculine elements. Even though you are in a masculine body, you have feminine elements. And as we become as we move along our path of the development of our consciousness and our conscious evolution, we can come to a place where we begin to experience those elements within our own lives.

As we begin to get more awake and aware of them, that then brings us to a place where we see where the woundedness has been the wounded masculine and the wounded feminine. This woundedness has kept us at odds between the masculine-feminine elements whether in our external experience or within our internal experience.

If we want to have just a quick peek at that, just look at what happens when, for instance, your body gets sick. The masculine element, (the consciousness) is what makes us aware and the body whether you're in a female body, or a male body... the body is the form that is the more feminine.

When you get sick and your body is ailing, how does your mind treat your body? Does your mind tell your body you're bad for getting sick? "Shut up, be quiet. Sit down, take a drug. Let me get back to my clear thinking where I can work and stop bothering me with all this body stuff."

This is a way in which we can see our own reference points to our awake consciousness, where our consciousness and our body and how are they treating each other. As long as that kind of conflict is going on, it's difficult to get beyond the separation. As you begin to bring the consciousness in and more lovingly take care of the form of its vehicle and you know, where the consciousness starts to say to the body, "oh, you're not feeling well? How can I take care of you? How can I help you get to a place where we can work together again?"

This is a form of (Holy) Sacred Union, where the masculine element of the consciousness, meets the form in a loving way that takes care of everybody. Where the body is serving as a vehicle for the consciousness, and the consciousness is serving as a caretaker of the body. This is in the very simplest terms that I can put the (Holy) Sacred Union within.

As we embrace all of these elements, we can start to heal the ways in which we have become scared of not having enough in the masculine, feminine, the victim wounding, and the unworthy elements (of our being).

We must heal those parts and bring them back in remembrance of who we are as Divine Beings. Because, in essence, we never stopped being Divine Beings.

In our Divine Selves are still divine masculine, divine feminine, but when we came so deep into the dimensions, we forgot all that and we've had this long circuitous journey, through all these experiences of what the masculine is like what the feminine is like.

So, the (Holy) Sacred Union within is actually the key to peace on earth. Because when our masculine and feminine stop fighting and get back into harmony, where the elements of both are able to serve one another and be in a harmonious place and have merged energy. This is what we call the (Holy) Sacred Union within when my inner masculine and my inner feminine have remembered, remembered my divine masculine and woken up my divine feminine, bringing them together in a holding marriage within. This is when we can have the Sacred Union power that is more powerful than any worldly power that we know today.


Having been through the process with you as my guide and mentor over the last months to get me back to this place of (Holy) Sacred Union it has been an epic journey. 

So for those listening, what kind of things will we be doing to reestablish this Sacred Union?

Shondra Rose of Light

Well, one of the very important steps which was, of course, an important step in your journey is working with the inner child and the ways in which the very immature, masculine or immature feminine has been really messed up at a very early age and their development arrested. They couldn't develop beyond a certain level.

In terms of our ability to function emotionally, whenever we get stressed, it reduces the strap to the least common denominator, which is the level at which your inner child has not gotten beyond.

If you get stressed, you go back to being a two-and-a-half-year-old or a four-year-old. As long as you're not in a stressful situation, you can pretend to be  very mature and fully functioning but if you get hit with your triggers, what happens we all revert back to those early stages of life.

The inner child work and healing the inner child and growing the inner child up. This is a very important element.

So the starting point for a lot of this work is to engage our higher being our higher consciousness because, without the higher consciousness, we don't have a game plan.

The higher consciousness, our higher self, gives us the game plan, the roadmap to go forward to engage the pieces with love and integrity and clean them up and put them back together in a harmonious way. So engaging that higher consciousness, that I AM self that I AM presence, there are many different words that people use for this.

It's learning how to access that and bring it in to show you the next step. Because the truth is, I don't know the next step for you. But we can call in your higher presence, your higher consciousness and your higher consciousness can reveal it directly to you. So that's one of the steps, it's learning how to call that in and let it show you and help instruct you what's next.

They're kind of like mantras or calls. Learning how to make effective calls is a very important part of the process. And it's a little different from prayer because you're not praying to a God outside but rather working with the divine presence that you are, and bringing that and embodying it more and more.

One of the things that's most important to realize about that is, in order to get there, we have had to uncover and write all the places where we stopped loving ourselves. If you're going to be in Sacred Union within, it means you have to love yourself on all the levels that it's possible. And to do that you have to find the places where you stopped loving yourself. So the masculine loving, the feminine, the feminine loving, the masculine, the masculine, loving itself, the feminine loving itself, just bringing all those places back into that essence of love that we are because the essence of our beings really is beings of love and light. There isn't anything else. When it comes right down to it. The rest of it is just a story. That's another element rewriting the story because we're just writing lots of stories. And we've arranged the dots in a certain way or we've taken on a certain arrangement of the dots. And when we begin to wake up to how we are creators and we become empowered to rearrange the dots and tell the story how it, however, we're choosing to have the story. play out now. It's all just a story.


Could you give just one final word on why the Sacred Union within is the key to unlocking your personal power? And what is personal power? To me, you've been a one to kind of guide to me. I have found my personal power through Holy Sacred Union within and I'm very grateful for that. 

Shondra Rose of Light

There are a couple more elements I think we need to at least mention here. One is the power of the Divine Masculine is the original Divine Integrity... and that's what's missing in our world in the masculine. The masculine has been behaving in ways that have no integrity, and the power of the Divine Feminine is the original Divine Innocence and when you bring these two together (Integrity & Innocence) this allows us to access a power of pristine creation that is not currently present in our world.

For the most part right now. I mean, it's pretty much missing (in 2016), except in nature. We can find it in nature where nature has been undisturbed. When you have those two powers together and they're working in harmony with one another, we can access an energy form that goes beyond anything that the masculine power or the feminine power can do without it. And that is the power of what I call the Merkaba. When you have the spinning Merkaba of the two pyramids spinning together, it creates an energy that isn't available anywhere else.

This is the piece that is at the furthest level of the advanced work that we do... people will be able to get to operate their own personal Merkaba.

But there are a lot of steps on the path to get there. The first is dealing with the wounding, to get the masculine, feminine talking together, so they're not fighting, talking together and able to communicate and get into love.

Then the most exciting piece is when our chakra systems get reestablished into their divine forms. And we have not just one we have two chakra systems that function together, but the feminine one (the deep system) has been asleep longer than anyone can remember.


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