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What Is Your Role In The Great Awakening To Truth?

As we step more and more into an awakened species on this planet we might begin to ask ourselves questions like:

Q: Why am I here?

Q: What is my role?

Q: How can I start to do more for the truth movement? 

Q: How can I be closer to God/The Great I AM at this time? 

All of these are great questions to ask!

To activate integrity within we have to activate truth within. This means speaking the truth, writing the truth, and being the truth. It also means calling out falsities when necessary; especially when the lies are criminal. 

When we raise our inner integrity by speaking the truth because we protect our children, future generations, and ourselves from living in a world of lies. 

Sometimes the truth is extremely harsh and we need to emotionally process an event. This is what we help people do inside our online course. It especially helps when you process an experience via your I AM Self (your Higher Self) with forgiveness. I help groups to do this together in our monthly calls.

Once we do the forgiveness via our I AM (Higher Self) then we become closer to God/The Great I AM. 

Your role is simple: Speak nothing but the truth and alchemize the pain of hard truths via alchemical tools. When you do this, you become closer to your Divine Plan. If you do this consistently, every single day, miracles become commonplace. 

You may ask, what is an alchemical tool? 

An alchemical tool is a tool that allows you to process pain and turn it into gold. 

You may ask, which alchemical tools should I use? 

I recommend using the tool of the I AM Self (the higher self), The Holy Trinity Within, body-based therapies, yoga, aspecting, meditation, inner child therapy, and others. 

Divine Plan Aligned I AM/WE ARE!

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