We Are All On A Journey To Discover What Truth Is

I'm now in my late thirties (time flies!) and it was probably around the age of 15 that I wanted to discover what truth is. It was at that age The Matrix movie came out and I knew that there was truth embedded in that movie. 

I ignored calls for truth for about another 13 years until I started Raw Attraction Magazine and I decided to make the magazine for both men and women. It was at that point when I realized that I was starting to do what nobody had done before; be an investigative journalist to understand what is going on between men and women. 

This journey helped me start my Evolving Lover Podcast, which in turn, helped me start this Heart Initiation website. It also pushed me down a rabbit hole of self-discovery and truth-seeking. 

From 2012 onwards truth became a journey of looking inwards for the answers. My mentor turned out to be my biggest path to the truth as she was working on levels of inner alchemy that I had found nobody else was doing. She was working with the I AM consciousness, The Holy Trinity Within, and much more besides. 

These levels of truth had me encounter multitudes of beings in other dimensions trying to attack me daily to stop my access to truth. I explain more about that in My Awakening Path video - you can find that here

As you gain more and more of your power back via your I AM self and healing The Holy Trinity Within (the union of the masculine & feminine) then you open up doors of your own trauma.

Your trauma is then accessed by multidimensional entities because it is a food source for them. When you try to cut [their] food source, they don't like it very much! You have to become an expert in self-awareness, multidimensional clearing, faith, truth, and intuition. You also have to be an expert in clearing these energies back to Source or you'll never get out of the mess. 

My journey towards truth, faith, and power resides in the fact that I have been on the journey of self-discovery, and on that journey, I have realized certain truths. 

These truths include: 

  • That my body is the center of it all. I must keep my body healthy with great nutrition, exercise, spring water (sourced on my own), and all the vitamins I need. 
  • I must allow myself to FEEL everything and process every emotion via my I AM self so I don't keep going around and around in circles. 
  • I must take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all my experiences in my life. 
  • I do not allow anyone to step over my personal boundaries. 
  • I stand up for free will choice and respect that everyone else has their own Soul Choice. 
  • That the Holy Trinity is within and you can access it if you have the right tools. 
  • To start healing the Holy Trinity within you must start with the inner child. 
  • To heal the masculine and feminine within you must focus on forgiveness and integrity. 
  • The easiest and most complete way to heal the masculine and feminine within is via the I AM Self. 
  • Once you raise your inner integrity you become more aligned with your Divine Plan. 
  • If you reject your I AM Self, which is essentially your Christ Self, you reject life. 
  • The key to going down this path is to follow the intuition of your heart.
  • Alignment with your Divine Plan is everything. 
  • I know that I am capable of healing myself and I AM healed. 
  • That reality is multidimensional in nature and to truly conquer the dark in this universe I must go into the dark and bring them to light. 
  • That the truth is an ever-expanding, layered phenomenon that ultimately resides in the integrity and love of God. 
  • C**** 19 was an intentional totalitarian takeover of humanity.  
  • Everything is didactic.
  • The multidimensional layers of reality were extremely difficult to clean and this is why humanity has been in a frequency prison for so long. God could not clean from 'up there' - he had to send Christ Consciousness level shamans in to do it. 
  • The truth is Christ and Christ is truth. You are capable of embodying all of that. 
  • A human's most pure and innocent expression is that of truth. 
  • If you want to create from a pure, divine point of view you have to create from pure truth. Pure truth is The Holy Trinity Within. If you create from a lesser place then you risk your creation being distorted by 'other forces'. 
  • Healing yourself is healing the world. 
  • Grateful I AM/WE ARE for you doing the inner work. 

The list goes on and on. 

There was a point in my journey where I assumed that everyone was on their journey to discovering the truth of reality. I soon realized that everyone wasn't on this journey- in fact, very few people are. 

If you are interested to go on a journey to discover the truth of who you are then I invite you to take a discovery call with me to see where that might lead. 

Fill out the form here and let's chat. I only work with a few people each year so if it aligns, then we'll be on a call together!

Whichever path to the truth you take, enjoy it and there is no rush. The most simple way to start is to baptize yourself in a river and ask God/Universe/Source to show you the way. That's how I did it. 

Written by Stephen James Burford