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An Open Letter To ISTA Faculty

ista Mar 22, 2022


An Open Letter To ISTA Faculty, 

After speaking to Baba Dez about The Great Awakening To Consciousness on the phone I would love to send an open letter to you all.

First of all, I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you. 

You see, since I did Level 1 in 2013 in Guatemala, it has been rather an intense awakening journey for me. 

Level 1 lit a spark within me that could not be put out and over the years, I turned into this intense fireball of energy. 

In 2015, I met my mentor (a shamaness in Colorado) and we went about clearing the astral realms of all the entities that kept us in separation consciousness. It was pretty intense, to say the least. 

After a year of the battle of clearing the astral with my soul being ripped out, being attacked multidimensionally, and a long list of other horrific stuff I didn't really trust God anymore. 

It was only in 2020 when I started to see the Great Awakening To Truth happen, that I started to trust God again. I started to really believe in my path and that the path that I took to heal myself via The Double Holy Trinity Within was real. 

From my perspective, there was only one problem in the last two years, I couldn't believe that some people in conscious communities were not speaking out against the atrocities happening during the awakening. 

After speaking to Dez, I have come to a place of acceptance of people's choices. We spoke about the fact there is enough TRUTH out there now for people to decipher what is going on with reality. Ultimately, it all comes down to truth and faith in God.

We have decided to keep an open channel for conversation going forward to see if there is any way we can help each other. 

I want to think Dez for taking his path in being the creator of ISTA and thank you the ones in the faculty who have witnessed my fire in full love. 

Blessings to all ISTA faculty and all ISTA students in this Great Awakening To Truth. 


Steve is an investigative journalist. He investigates the multidimensional nature of reality, the Holy Trinity Within, shamanism, inner healing, inner alchemy, culture, geopolitics, war, psychedelics, sacred sexuality, justice, truth, The Great I AM, the soul, the heart, and much more. He is also an educator about inner alchemy, regaining your power, pleasure & purpose. He is also an author, podcaster, multidimensional shaman, editor, artist, and poet.

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