Naked Body of Source, Let Me See You

intimacy naked sex sexuality Sep 28, 2019

We are Source. But we are also bodies. That’s what it is to be a human being.

Every one of us is perfection within imperfection. Non-physical within physical. Purity (in the truest meaning of the word) within differentiation.

We share an essence, but yet we are each exquisitely unique in every way. We experience existence as individuals — meaning we exist entirely in relation to one another. And yet we are, by nature, powerfully drawn to each other by means of a shared animating force, which goes by many names.

Love as the connector

Lately, I’ve been playing with the idea that what we call “love” is the manifestation of this unifying Source within the realm of duality. It functions as a sort of connective tissue. And a superbly beautiful one at that. I once heard the teacher Jack Kornfield muse that perhaps love and gravity are just different forms of the same energy — the invisible force that pulls things and beings together… and connects them. Scientists have been able to tell us what gravity does and given us equations for how it works, but they don’t actually know what it is, do they?

If there’s no denying how deeply drawn human beings are to each other, why do we continuously separate ourselves — except a select few we call “family” or “friend” or “lover”? Why do we pretend that we can’t deeply feel even a stranger’s energy in motion, a.k.a. emotion? And why do we avert our eyes from each other’s naked bodies?

Magical human powers

During certain journeys with the sacred plant medicine, these questions left me in profound awe. I experienced such a powerful, visceral connection with my fellow journeyers that I felt I could read all of their thoughts and they could read mine. I felt that they were deeply aware of the cascade of emotions pulsing through my heart. I felt that they could actually feel the physical tingles coursing through my being. I felt that they intimately saw every curve of my naked body. And you know what? I believe that they truly could . . . at least in terms of potential.

When we are at the fullness of our innate power as humans, we can feel all those things. There are many born here with heightened sensory capabilities who perceive all of those things on a normal basis. And many of us “ordinary” people have experienced such lucid awareness when in altered states of consciousness.

A modest proposition

So, beautiful reader, how about this?

If the truth is that we have the capacity to feel each other’s energy, then let’s give ourselves permission to feel.

If, in fact, we have the potential to see each other deeply, let’s allow ourselves to see. No more pretending that this vibrant, magnificent human body is something that should be kept private, covered up, and shielded from all except a privileged few.

If the nature of reality is that we’re all connected, then let us prevent fear from distancing us.

If we deeply know that love is drawing us all together, all the time, in a wondrous earthly dance, then let’s share love freely.

As we individually set these conscious intentions in our heart to live according to our true sexual, creative, loving, HUMAN potential… eventually, our collective reality will catch up. It’s just a matter of time.

We are not just bodies. We are bodies of Source, existing and experiencing in relation to one another.

Naked body of Source, let me see you.

About the Author: Stephanie Lin is a spiritual construction worker, writer, consciousness adventurer, and life coach for awakening men and women. Feel free to connect with her at

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