The Connection Between Health, Love & Soul With Dr Doug Lehrer

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The Connection Between Health, Love & Soul With Dr Doug Lehrer

Dr. Doug Lehrer, DC, CQM is a much-loved visionary leader, doctor, speaker and pioneer of the “healthcare of the future” (energy medicine / quantum medicine). With his high energy and phenomenal healing abilities, Dr. Doug has guided hundreds of thousands of people around the world to heal their bodies, look and feel 10 years younger, and create thriving, fully expressed lives. He has great knowledge of the connection between love and health.

Today, Dr Doug leads powerful transformational healing retreats and training programs around the world in order to share a powerful way of living he calls Cellularity™.

He is the founder and developer of the Cellular Resonance Technique™ and the Cellular Forgiveness Process™. Creator of Energetic Medicine Mastery™ and Loving Life Mastery™

This is what Doug says about his path through life, “Through my personal journey and challenges, I’ve discovered how to activate the powerful healing force that resides within everyone, in order to heal the body, the ego-mind, and the masculine & feminine wounds. It is a deeply soul-filling joy for me to share with others the system of quantum medicine practices that I call Cellular Resonance Technique™, and the Cellular Forgiveness Process™.”

“The essence of my teachings is rooted in sharing with others the miracle of self-healing using simple techniques that re-organize the healing centers of the body/mind/soul energetics that dictate our lives. These healing processes serve as an opportunity to get out of the head and come back into our hearts. When we do this, we can move past patterns that have us stuck, re-establish our awareness in the present moment, and create a life that is continually attuning and harmonizing with our soul’s highest truth.”

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Dr Doug, what is the relationship between health and love?

The absence of love, which I will reframe as the ‘inhibited soul life’, is disease. In my opinion, you can name disease as inhibited soul life or the inhibition of the pure expression of love. Love and health are intimately related. Love is the eminence from the soul. It’s not a conjuring of the personality.

How do we connect more with our soul?

Dr. Doug:  That’s a good question. In the work that I do, called “Cellular Resonance,” I’m working both one on one and in groups with people to bring that resonance in from the soul.

It is a training process. It is a commitment to becoming a dual being. That means that your personality is integrated purely with soul, you become an integrated dual being of soul and personality.

In this life, when people have disease, that means they’re very top sided in the personality. The personality works on other frequencies than love. The personality seeks Love, yes, but it seeks it through greed, selfishness, anger, through hatred, through want, and need, and its desires. It can have high and low states.

However, the soul is an eminence of Love, and making a commitment to relinquish the power of the personality to the soul would be the first step.

We have to recognize this in our own mind, “I’ve done enough pain and suffering. I’m going through these repetitive patterns with my body, with my family, with my spouse, or girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, people at work.” If it’s not one thing it’s another thing.

We can start to see these patterns in our life. We can also see them in our behavior. The factor that remains the same throughout is our self. We’re in all those experiences with all these different people; therefore the factor that must be changed is within the self.

If we want to change, we should ask these types of questions and make a specific type of commitment that says, “I’m ready.” Then, we can start asking, “How can I get help? How can I have assistance? How can I learn more? How can I listen to the soul? What is it that I am not hearing that the soul has been telling me for a long time?”

We all have this deep, inner voice. We all do. We’ve all heard it from time to time. Though probably not often enough, because we’ve knocked it out with personality.

We’re going to have to change the path of our life. Some people are ready, and others are thinking about it, and others are happy to play in their personality longer. It’s just a matter of what you choose in this moment.

This sounds like a new definition of separation and oneness consciousness. You are saying separation is based on this personality and ego, and then the soul is one with everything?

Dr. Doug Lehrer:  Correct. First, we have the separation from our soul wisdom, our soul integrity, and soul Love. Then the personality finds these ways to start segmenting the energetics of the body and the cells.

Then we start to develop health issues, health problems. Then, the doctors diagnose it and say you have this disease or that disease, and then they treat the disease, and you still have the disease, or they cut out something, like a diseased gallbladder, and say, “We cured that,” but I see it as, “No, they removed it and threw it in the garbage.”

They never looked at the resentment that happens to be an accurate feeling for gallbladder issues; in general, the resentment now has to go to other parts of the body.

Our body builds the receptor sites for those types of feelings, and they trigger us. We go back in that resentment/anger cycle again, and again.

As an example, let’s look at, “Poor me. I’m a victim.” An individual might not say, “I’m a victim”, but they might say, “All these bad things happen to me, and I don’t know why. I’m really a good person. I try to do my best to help people.” We run all these stories, and we become more and more separated within ourselves.

The way to end that is to begin to unify with soul and allow the energy of the soul to cleanse through the body. We fight it, we struggle it, and we resist it, because the ego/personality wants what it wants.

The ego operates very simply. It either operates out of wanting to get Love, and it does all these things to try and get it. Most of the time, it’s not too healthy! [laughs]

Then, there’s the other way that you are going to do something out of Love, and that’s the soul. That’s the soul coming in and serving from a place of Love.

Then, the personality gets the benefit by all that it receives from that, both in the process and in the evolution of the seeds that are planted out in the world. When we see that we’re all of the same soul, and that we are all of soul, and we’re all of source, then our motivations begin to change.

For some people, it’s a slow process. For others, it’s faster. In some, it’s moving so slowly that it’s going lifetime through a lifetime to try to get it. That’s where we are at this moment, it’s time to make a new choice for those who want to have a different and more fulfilled connected life.

Could you explain to the listeners how this really comes to us on a cellular level?

Dr. Doug Lehrer:  The cell is a physical expression of spirit. We have to see that everything in creation has been enlightened by this spirit energy or source energy. The soul is the transducer to bring it into a quality that brings it into physicality. The cell is an expression of the soul.

Our cells and the DNA, when it’s taking its direction from the soul, our life and life experience will be pretty mesmerizing. One thing after another gets provided for you without much effort, it’s just a direction of focus, and boom, there it is!

But we are trying to create our manifest through personality, which takes a tremendous amount of personal will. That’s what we’re taught here in this third dimension. Work hard. Put that personal will in. Let the personality put in all that will.

We get raised to accept that we’re separate from our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and family, and friends, and all those people, and that we have to compete. We live in this society that is very separatist.

That’s what materialism is. It’s a separatist, individualized society where we have all these personalities running around, and running amuck. We worship a lot of them because they’re big personalities. They sing some great songs or act in some great movies, or they are on the news, or in a political office. On one level we can go, “Wow.” We can also see the larger level, at this level it’s destructive. Personalities are destructive because they’re fear‑based.

When a personality can become unified with soul, and soul energy emanates through the body and through the cell, then disease, on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational, and social diseases, will lessen, and finally, at the height of the integration, cease. In that, we’re living a pure soul life.

The brain and nervous system function on energetic impulses, it’s a physical representation of how the universe works, and it communicates through sound impulses. This is what today’s modern science understands.

If the brain, and nerves, and the communication of the body, and all the cells, and cell‑to‑cell communication is run by sound impulses, then, what’s this sound that is going through your body? Is it the sound of hatred, anger, greed, or is it love, peace, and joy, and soul?

These are the things that make us age. These are the things that eat away at our body. Yet, there’s research, and I heard that on the “Dr. Oz” show, out of Dr. Oz’s mouth, but I also read the research, as well, that he was quoting, and it was saying, “Hey, there’s no reason why the body couldn’t live young for 900 years.”

Then, there are stories and biblical studies in the Old Testament that there were people who lived 600, 800, 900 years. If we can believe this to be true, I would presume that they were living through that resonance of love, and it kept their cells working, like having a fully charged battery.

Most of us know we run on empty, and then, we stimulate our bodies with stimulants, coffee, chocolate, sugar, meat, television, video games. [laughs] We’ve got lots of stimulants out there. Though they make us feel good in the moment, they keep downgrading our cells, and that’s death over time.

That’s how the cells work. That’s how energy works with them. What I prescribe for people is to resolve those negative frequencies and the consciousness, or anti‑consciousness, unconsciousness, that we’re running, that’s running our cells.

As we resolve that, we live a healthier, happier life. As we do that, our cells function better and we begin to heal those diagnosed with diseases.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to improve our diets and get the toxins out, and do those other things that doctors and nutritionists might recommend that we do for our health.

I would definitely say, on the surgical side, do your best to detoxify organs of negativity, and our woundology, and the toxins that we’re so exposed to in this world if we have enough time before somebody cuts it out or reroutes it because you’ve still got to deal with the stress.

You’ve still got to deal with the negativity, one way or another, before or after that surgery. I recommend doing your best to deal with it beforehand.

If you can’t do it on your own, (and I’m not saying these things are easy), for most, then, work with a practitioner who knows how to facilitate these energies that will help yourselves to begin to kick off the negativity, and start resonating more with soul, and the healing process begins.

Remember, we’re designed to survive out of fear, out of struggle, out of survival. We’re also designed to heal, and that is an enlightenment process, enlightening the cell, enlightening our mind, to a new perspective.

We have to take the attitude, “I’d rather be well than right. I’d rather be loved than right, and ultimately, I’d rather emanate and take in the love of soul than to play the personality game, exclusively.”

What are some ways that we can start to embody our soul presence more on this planet?

Dr. Doug Lehrer:  The first step is that the personality has to get to the point of saying, “Enough is enough. I see these patterns. They’re running my life. Yeah, they’re bringing me some good stuff, but they’re bringing me a lot of stuff that’s not so good. I’m sick. I’m unhappy. I’m going through up and down cycles of lack and prosperity, or maybe never having any prosperity in a materialistic way.”

We have to really say, “I’m committed to embodying soul. This is the thing I came here to do: to become a soul-integrated being.” You have to be willing to say that. You have to be willing to focus on that. You have to be willing to keep that as your key focus in your life. We’re usually taught to focus on everything else but this.

I’m suggesting that you make a commitment to embodying soul, embodying soul love, and realize that you’re not separate. That you are interconnected with all that there is and that your soul is a group soul, and to begin looking at each other as that soul and having your motivations being of service.

The soul is here to serve us, our focus must be in that loving service. Visualize that, but we have to do it with our eyes upward towards the soul. Look up towards the soul. Speak to it; move up through the dimensional folds.

Just visualize it. You don’t need to know how right now. You just do it. You are it. Move up towards it. Allow it to descend towards you, it’s a willingness and allowance process, and it’s a focus. That’s how we’d start.

Then I would ask the question, definitely, “What am I doing? What’s this personality of mine doing to mess up my life, to create these patterns, to create this disease?” Listen. Say it before you go to bed at night, and ask for it to be revealed as you’re falling asleep, or in your dream, or as you wake, and you’ll get smatterings of it.

Sometimes, it happens right away. Sometimes, you’ll hear the voice of the soul. I’ve heard it many times speak to me, sometimes to give me fabulous information, sometimes to kick my butt [laughs] when I haven’t been listening.

Sometimes, the message will come through something on TV, or in a book that falls off the shelf at your feet, and you look at it, and the answers right there in the title of the book. Or, you open it up to a page, and boom, there it is, paragraph 2, page 26.

Then you try to find it later on, and you can’t find that page, and that paragraph that you swore was on that page, and it’s just not there anymore [laughs]. How did that happen? I’ve had that happen to me many a time.

This is the commitment. This is the focus. It is a new commitment, a new focus in our life, to live a soul-integrated life.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine, and she had a healing over the phone with me connecting with her soul, my soul, our souls, and giving her a message. It was a soul message, and boom, she went right into her body, boom, and she had a shift that changed her whole life and became healing.

She went out and ran the next day, and a woman stopped her on the trail, and said, “Get into your body. You need to do this. You need to do that,” but she did it in a loving, caring way, gave her a huge hug, and she cried on this woman’s shoulders for, I don’t know, 5 or 10 minutes, and again changed.

How did that happen in less than 24 hours? Because before she even got on the phone with me, she’d already committed, “I’m changing. I’m going to seek that which is true and get myself free.” That’s what I would say to you, seek that which is truth, and allow it to set you free.

When you commit you’ll get direct communication from source, through the soul, through Love, emanating through every cell in your body, right through those brain cells and into your consciousness, and to allow that to seep in more and more.

That’s when, (like you said), synchronicities happen, those alignments happen. We’ve all had them, but yet, not on a minute by minute, moment by moment basis. To do that, we have to keep on engaging the soul, right?

Dr. Doug Lehrer:  Absolutely. We must be in a moment‑by‑moment engagement with the soul, relinquishing personality, not killing it, relinquishing the power of personality, the power of our will to the will of the soul, allowing it to lead us until we’re so integrated that now the soul and personality work together.

We bring heaven on earth by bringing the soul through the body. The body is of the earth. It’s going to go back into dust into the earth, right? It’s of the earth. Heaven on earth is the soul through the body. That’s how we make this Earth a very different place to live.

The more people that commit to this, the more energy we feed into the world for more people to catch the wave of this new consciousness.

This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about, to leave the Piscean Age of intelligence, and materialism, and move into a more spiritual one, a spiritual world of Love, to embody soul presence, a heaven on earth so that we now prepare ourselves for the third stage of human development.

Right now, we’re in this stage of bringing soul and Love into this world. The stage was set a few thousand years ago, by the prophets, teachers, and now it is the time. We have new teachers that are here to help bring this word in and to help those who need assistance to ask for help. We’re here.

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