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#104 Interdimensional Warfare. Are We Living In A Matrix?


This was recorded in 2019. Be warned: This podcast may overwhelm you. If you have ever thought about why humans haven't been able to evolve to their full potential then please listen.


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Stephen James Burford

This is podcast #104 It's gonna be about my store. haven't talked about on the podcast I've told a few people in person happened in 2015.

Things kind of got very intense with me going on this journey. I see myself as an investigative love journalist, looking at what happened on this planet between the masculine and the feminine.

That's what ULS is about. The learnings that I found and other teachers have found along the way.

And so so on this journey, I was probably three, four years into it into studying masculine and feminine dynamics.

It was also a journey since I was a teenager, kind of watching my parents struggle, let's say, in knowing what a good relationship looks like. And I think many, many people have gone through that. And just wanted to know what was possible in human relationships, specifically in love relationships.

Yeah, and that took me into an intimate relationship that started in 2014. In around April that year, and it was an intense relationship, someone older than me, and it was very much that we were meant to be together for that period of time, which was ended up being a couple of years.

Through that journey of knowing myself through her and having to go on my own healing journey, I was kind of drawn to this (healer/shaman) woman who was working in America. I was in Europe at the time.

This healing process with her kind of led me to become a cosmic shaman of sorts. And that shamanism started when I had no energy in my body. I was in Costa Rica. And I just done plant medicine.

There may have been a link because this medicine opens you up to other dimensions, and you start feeling things that you didn't feel before, but it was now a week later and suddenly had no energy my body and I've heard people online and friends talk about the extreme fatigue syndrome. I'm not sure those medical name but they get struck down for sometimes years (I have heard of someone struck with this for 10 years).

Doctors cannot find any cure for this very easily because I think you have to deal with things on the multidimensional levels. Anyway, I had no energy in my body. For me, I wanted to do something about it. I was looking for solutions. Everywhere. I couldn't really move can work. No sleep, no food would help.

I was like, What the hell is going on? And then the woman who owned the small hotel, she was on the phone, to a friend in America, her mentor and kind of spiritual guide and see she was talking to me about my situation to her the owner of the hotel. And suddenly the woman on the other end of the phone in America says, "I think I can help him. I think he's got some beings in other dimensions, siphoning off his energy." And I was like, "What the actual fucking hell? I don't know what you're talking about!"

But I did the session with her because it was she was only offering like 20 or $30. And I wanted to try anything at that point. So I was like, "Okay, what the heck" and I get on Skype. We do it.

On the call, we cut the contracts that I had with these beings in some past life or in another dimension which allowed them access to my energy body and they've could siphon off energy through whatever connection they had an I had to kind of cut that connection and cut the contract that allowed them to do it. It was a fairly simple process. She could gauge what dimensions it was in and all this stuff.

About half an hour after that, I hung up Skype. I have my energy back. I was like, Okay, that was weird. I didn't think too much it.

Over the next months I started working more with this woman (Roksana). I started working with her more just in a healing work on my masculine and feminine. I would say she's probably the world's best teacher in understanding masculine and feminine dynamics. That's really her thing, as well as a number of other things.

It was helping me a lot. It was helping my connection with my partner. It was making things better in my world. But then I started to come under interdimensional attack for doing this work because they didn't really want me to do the work because it was such deep inner work around the masculine and feminine and opening chakra system up and healing the inner child. I.e. Reclaiming your POWER.

After a couple of months or working together on my inner alchemy Roksana explained how she'd been working with her now-deceased husband (RIP), and they were working together to clear the upper dimensions.

What we know is from the 4th dimension Up until 96th dimension, that's a number where there seems to been a lot of problems, there were problems beyond there and they were doing that but the most of the problems between like the 4D and the 96D were atrocious. Almost an infinite amount of things to clear and it was like the most complicated game you could ever play to try and figure out how to clear it from down here. 

Essentially, the work was finding out where these beings were, what they were doing, how many were there and then open up your energy system, your chakra system high and very deep to connect to Source energy and allow Source to take these energetics back home so they were no longer causing separation energetics down here on Earth. You needed to use that power from your root chakra to send those beings back to Source where they wouldn't be causing more separation here on Earth.

At the moment I am in the middle of writing a book called, Mission of Une: Return of The Cosmic Shamans.

I'll just explain who Una is in all of this and how that works. So the Mission of Una is about Una this goddess being, this is Roksana's understanding and my understanding and a few others understanding of what happened with this planet.

You can find out if it's your own truth by literally going on the journey of opening up your chakra systems... healing the masculine and feminine.. get to Sacred Union and the truth will be revealed to you.

We were never supposed to find it in books, like the Bible or whatever other books out there. I mean, of course, they give hints. The biggest hint for me were films like The Matrix and C.S Lewis's, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. 

But really it's all about going inside. That's what spirituality is... finally going inside to the spirit... stopping the separation within, through a deep healing process of healing the masculine and feminine the inner child and these other parts of you, and finding the Oneness within.

And then through that journey, because it's not particularly easy to do that, or it hasn't been easy, because of all the interference with these beings in the other dimensions whose remit and task was to keep the masculine and feminine separate here. That's all they had to do.

They had to siphon off energy via fear, darkness and manipulation so that they can live because they did not have access to Source energy (like we do). 

The reason they didn't have access to Source is because behind the Big Bang this universe we're in here was seeded with dark magic dark energy.

Some beings wanted to play a dark game.

It specifically played out in this sector of the universe. Nobody planned it to get as bad as it did with the monstrosities of humanity that have happened here (pedophilia, pedovores, rape, murder, wars, and satanism). But it did, and Una was a light being behind the Big Bang. 

She was there watching all this play.

She couldn't stop the dark games being from being played unfortunately. But then when the Big Bang started, she had to send messages sand he has been doing for tens of thousands of years to get this mess cleared up. With others, I was part of that journey with her. It's not fiction. This, crazily enough, was my life.

And yeah, so that's kind of what I'm doing now is writing that book as well as working on on the magazine and a few other projects, which will be out in 2020.

It all ties into ULS because it's all about healing the masculine-feminine inside, stepping up to the Divine Self, and unconditional love... pouring on as much love onto the feminine as possible.

Whether you're in a male, female or transgender body, it doesn't matter.

Then you must allow the innocence to come through. This allows the feminine to flourish as it does in nature.

Anyway, this process wasn't easy for me. After a year of battering in 2015 where my soul would get ripped out and other hyperdimensional attacks drove me crazy I sent a suicide note, and I told everyone I was gonna fucking die.

I told my parents, my partner at the time. Everyone involved and I was like, "Fuck this. No one's ever going to understand what the fuck I'm talking about. Even if you understand what the fuck I'm talking about in this podcast. You might think I am crazy. And I was just thinking about the fear of being seen like this knows that I'm gonna fucking kill myself. I don't give a shit."

I had zero trust in anything anymore.

Anyway, I am fine now. It is 2020. The Grand Awakening is upon us and everyone is going to understand what happened and they will look for the truth inside themselves.

We need to look at nature and learn from her to understand our True Potential.

If you go inside deep enough you will find the masculine and feminine in there, the inner child and you will find the truth you need is there.

So, this is a call forward a call to rise it's not an excuse for not changing.

So, blessings to one and all. Thank you.


Click here to Stephen's book for FREE! 

His new book is called, My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure & Purpose!

This is also available on Audible (paid) - click here to get it now - free for a limited time!