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How To Step In Your True Power

This article took approximately 10 years of deep self-study.

Written by Steve

Steve is an investigative journalist. He investigates the multidimensional nature of reality, the Holy Trinity Within, shamanism, inner healing, inner alchemy, culture, geopolitics, war, psychedelics, sacred sexuality, justice, truth, The Great I AM, the soul, the heart, and much more. He is also an educator about inner alchemy, regaining your power, pleasure & purpose. He is also an author, podcaster, multidimensional shaman, editor, and artist. He is the founder of

Since 2012 I have been investigating how to get my power back from the ones who took it. To get it back has been an adventure, to say the least.

It took approximately three years to figure out that true power centered around the inner masculine and feminine. It's funny that we didn't learn this in school! Mr. Briggs! I can't believe you didn't teach me this!

I had to cry out to God/Universe/Source to please show me the way to healing myself from the crumpled mess of a human that I was. It was the savage pain in my heart that caused me to go out and heal myself.

After I cried out in March 2015, I soon found my elder mentor who began the healing journey with me. She was essentially a shamanic mother to me, rebirthing me into a new world that was more real than the one that most people live in. 

It was this intense journey since 2015 that help me step into a deeper understanding of myself, free myself of my pain, and live as a sovereign being on this beautiful planet Earth. 

Here is what you need to do: 

Heal Your Inner Child. Step Into Self Care & Self Responsibility. 

Most people's inner child age is very young and therefore you need to grow the maturity of your inner child to that of a Divine Child. 

Once you do this you can start to take full responsibility for your healing process. It then becomes a rebirthing of yourself with the help of others on your healing journey.

Heal The Trauma In Your Body.

You need to find a bodyworker to heal the trauma trapped in your body. Dr. Peter Levine talks about this in his book, Waking The Tiger. You also need to eat according to what your body really needs and take care of your health from your pineal gland to your teeth to your toes. 

If you know you have severe traumas from physical and/or psychological abuse then it is important to seek out reputable professionals who can help you. 

You must know that your heart and soul know how to heal themselves. The key is asking God/The Universe/Source for help. 

Raise Your Inner Masculine.

Go and listen to this podcast about the deeper meaning behind the story of Sleeping Beauty. It is the inner masculine that needs to wake up in ALL OF US (no matter what gender) and rises in integrity and unconditional love to wake up our inner feminine and bring out her innocence, creativity, and nurturing love. Once you merge your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine in your heart you will achieve pure creative power, pure pleasure, and perfect peace. 

Understand The Double Holy Trinity Within (See diagram below).

Study what the I AM really is. This comes from studying this diagram to the nth degree. 

This is what we do inside our course called The Heart Initiation Rebirth - find out more about it by signing up on our newsletter - get our audiobook worth $19.99 for free as well. 

Start with The Divine Child... move To The Divine Masculine... Awaken your Divine Feminine... Process Your Soul Experiences via your I AM and become one with The Great I AM & Great Spirit (the outside ring). 

Become Fully Aligned With Your Divine Plan

Become more aligned with your Divine Plan by using specific tools on a daily basis and become aware of what your soul came here to do, see, and experience. Once you are more deeply connected and aligned with your Divine Plan, your life starts to become a living miracle. 

If you can do all this, you'll have pretty much all of your personal power back! At this point, you really can create in pristine alignment with God. 

Of course, there are more layers than these but these are the core ones that will take you where you need to go on your journey.


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