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Female Ejaculation & The G Spot



In this post, we look at how to make her squirt. We are guided by Jacq Jones, sex educator So, let’s get ready to ejaculate all over the place! Visit Jacq’s website at

Let’s start. Where is the g spot?

The first thing we need to know when we want to know how to make her squirt is where the g spot is.

The g spot is the key to female ejaculation.

Every person that was born with a clitoris and a vagina, has a g spot.

One of the things that is really important about the g spot (especially when I was growing up) there was a lot of information in magazines saying “the g spot is the best thing in the world!” And it can be, and it is for many people who have g spots it is one of the best things in their world.

However there are also folks that don’t like it.

If you know where your g spot is and you have had it stimulated that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone was doing it wrong or that your g spot is broken; it might mean that you don’t like g spot stimulation, and that is just fine.

If you go inside the front wall of the vagina, in about 1.5 to 2 inches, you are going to feel a periurethral sponge that surrounds the urethra and you can feel that periurethral sponge through the front wall of the vagina.

g spot

On a clitoris based body, you are going to have a clitoris, then a little bit of space, then the urethra (which is what all humans pee out of and it was all humans ejaculate out of), then you are going to have the vagina, then the anus.

In order to find the g spot, the person with the g spot has to be turned on. When we get turned on, blood rushes to our genitals. This is why it’s not a great time to make decisions because you don’t have as much blood in your head to help your brain process. The blood swells all of the tissues in that area, including the periurethral sponge. You are going to reach into the vagina and make a “come to mama” finger gesture with your finger and you are going to feel the spongy tissue.

What do we do next after we have found the g spot?

G spots tend to like pressure, intermittent pressure, and massage.

How to make her squirt… you are going to massage the g spot gently at first.

You are going to listen to the person who owns the g spot, who is telling you what they like.

If somebody has a g spot, I recommend them explore it on their own first because g spot feelings that can feel very different from the sensations that people with clitorises and vaginas are used to having.

So, see how it’s different. See what you like about it, see what you don’t like about it.

Also, remember that how a body processes a sensation change from pre-arousal, arousal, throughout the arousal cycle, and post arousal. That’s why, for example, sometimes people like to have their hair pulled during sex but if you were to walk up to that same person while they were having coffee and pull their hair you might get a very different response.

So, somebody might like having strong pressure on their g spot when they are really turned on but if they are not very turned on yet, they might not like that.

The other thing that is really important to remember, and there is a book called Come As You Are about female arousal pattern and in that book it is talked about that it takes a woman 45 minutes to get to significant arousal, so we need to bear this in mind when we go for g spot stimulation.

One of the beautiful things about g spot stimulation is that it’s stimulating a different neural pathway than clitoral stimulation is. So what can happen is that it can create an orgasm that feels very different from clitoral orgasms.

All orgasms are good. I don’t privilege one orgasm over another. However, the variety is also good.

People find g spot orgasms go deeper into the body, this is because of the neural pathway is connected to deeper things in your body – for example, a uterus and so that can feel really amazing.

Also, g spot stimulation can encourage female ejaculation. What happens is that fluid is absorbed from the p sponge and the skenes glands are also involved.

That fluid then comes out of the urethra and on either side of the urethra. For some people, that amount of ejaculation can be an eighth of a teaspoon and for other people, it can be over a cup. The amount of ejaculation doesn’t account for much, just how hydrated that person is and how that person’s body works. I think most people with a g spot, do ejaculate.

One of the things that I ask people who think they haven’t ejaculated is, “have you ever been having sex and you are wet and lubricated and all of a sudden you were really wet but it wasn’t “lubey”. Often times, that person would have ejaculated but wouldn’t have noticed, because ejaculate is like water and water washes off lubrication. The lubrication that comes from the vagina is thicker and slicker.

We should also remember that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate functions. Somebody may ejaculate and not orgasm, and somebody might orgasm and not ejaculate – that’s true with people with penises too.

First of all, it’s highly unlikely you are going to pee on yourself. The body shuts that down when we are being sexual. If you are pursuing ejaculation, sure, go ahead and clear your bladder before you try it. If you can have another type of orgasm before attempting to squirt then I suggest doing that. Once somebody starts to feel that sensation that they have to pee, go ahead, bare down and let it go. Oftentimes the biggest barrier to ejaculation is that many people have this sensation that they have to pee and once they feel this sensation that they have to pee they are like, “oh, got to stop! Don’t want to pee on my partner”.

What you will notice, is that the more you participate in female ejaculation is that there is a very significant difference in the feeling of ejaculation and going to pee.

However, when you are learning that feeling that’s how your brain is going to interpret it because that is the closest sensation in your body.

How to make her squirt… is it better to use our fingers?

Fingers or a toy like the Njoy curve wand, that has a nice curve to it that is going to provide pressure and rocking back and forth. The other thing is that some people will find it difficult to ejaculate when something is in their vagina because the act of putting something in the vagina pulls the fabric of their skin over and covers their urethra… so it’s hard to get a lot of liquid out when the skin is covering the urethra. So if they are close to ejaculating, they can take out whatever is in their vagina and let it go.

Penises can be great for g spot stimulation but for getting to ejaculation, most penises don’t have that significant of a curve. Yes, there are positions that can help you but if you are pursuing ejaculation then I would suggest working with fingers.

Some people ejaculate best standing up.

Some people ejaculate best on all fours.

Some on their back.

How to make her squirt is really dependent on her.

If someone is pursuing ejaculation for the first time, I suggest listening to your body and following the suggestions of your body.

Make sure she is comfortable. It’s going to take some time. Lift one leg to the chest (knees to the chest) or both legs to get even better access to the g spot. Get some towels and let it go.

Is there any particular rhythm or touch that you recommend?

It’s dependent on the person but strong pressure is normal. Many people find that including clitoral stimulation really helps.