When You Have Evolved Sex. You Change The World.


Evolutionary sex is without a doubt the most powerful sex I have had in my entire life. This mind-blowing sex transcends a normal act between the sheets. Its effects are felt long after the arousal ends by rippling pleasure out into the world.

Foreplay begins with me coming into balance within.

When I pick my partner from a balanced place, I choose balance in my mate, and as a result I help restore balance in my world. This balance pleasures not only me, but many generations to come.

It took many years for me to finally understand the potency of my passion and fully awaken to the true beauty of the sea of men that I was swimming in.

Back in college, I navigated this man pool mindlessly searching for a masculine man to satiate me. I found him at the gym, in my classes, or out at the bars. The sex was usually mediocre, and in the morning I would wake up with a throbbing headache and a hollow feeling inside.

I was stuck in sexual samsara, so to speak; my relationships were cyclical, they were repeatedly born anew only to be full of suffering and eventual death.

My inner feminist wasn't a bit surprised when my latest masculine mate handed me back my mangled, man-handled heart only to go feel up another one of my feminine friends. My inner feminist had no sympathy for me because she knew my secret.

My external search for strength and self-assurance was arising because I lacked those qualities in myself. My inner feminist knew that until I awoke to this understanding, my sex samsara cycle would never end.

I needed to find a way to reawaken my internal male, or my masculine side.

So one day I sat down and made a list of all of the things that I was searching for in a man, I then set about awakening those things in myself.

I like strong men, so I worked to become physically and emotionally stronger. I like knowledgeable men, so I sought to increase my own knowledge base. I like independent men, so I became more independent in my ideas and actions. I like passionate men, so I started to fully follow my passions.

Something amazing happened when I woke my internal man up from his slumber, I actually experienced that full feeling that I was always searching for in sex. I learned that the only one that can fill my hollow self up is me.

With this in mind, I started to approach dating in a completely different way. It was as if I had finally learned how to light my internal flame. Ignited, I found myself surrounded by a myriad of male moths.

I felt exponentially more attractive, more vibrant, more alive. I stopped actively searching for men and instead, they started actively searching for me.

By transcending the need to have another person complete me I finally ended my sexual samsara. Everything changed when I tapped into what truly makes me sexy…my confidence.

I gain confidence by building balance into my being. This is hard work, but my patience and persistence pays off by making me stronger in myself. I am a strong, empowered, and balanced human being…as it turns out there is nothing sexier than that.

How do my dating decisions change when I realize I’m more than just my yoni? For starters, I demand that my mate be more than just a penis.

That's right macho men, your days are over. That guy that you just called a “pussy” is going to be getting more of exactly that. I am a balanced being and I expect the same from my partner.

If our current culture's market-based economy has taught me anything it is that supply follows demand, so it is important for me to be conscious of what I am demanding in my partner. 

By mindlessly selecting hyper-masculine hotties I had been inadvertently fuelling a culture of suppression and imbalance. When I search for my masculinity outside of myself, I am essentially creating a demand for imbalanced hyper-masculine men who suppress their feminine sides.

What does this hyper-masculine culture of feminine suppression look like on a global scale? It appears in the form of large scale oppression of women; it can be seen in the face of rape, domestic violence, and even war. 

Now that I think about sex more mindfully, I realize that my sexual preferences and escapades are actually shaping not only the culture of my world, but also the evolution of humanity. 

I want to be a part of a culture evolving towards equality and balance. This culture is created when complete beings come together and have evolutionary sex.

My revolution is sexual in nature. I am choosing to revolt against my hyper-masculine culture.

I do this by refusing to have sex with it. 

Written by Sarah Peterson. Sarah is a spiritual warrior. Five years ago she quit her career as a government climate scientist and set out on an adventure of a lifetime with the love of her life, her husband, Aaron and her dog Riley. She is an artist, a dancer, a clothing designer and a writer; she is using her creativity to help create culture of healing, balance and unity. 

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