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Do you desire for our education about the higher self, the soul path, inner alchemy, self-love, self-care, how to heal the past, unconditional love, integrity, and intimacy to be part of universal consciousness?

Money is like water and in order to co-create our creations here on Earth, we need water to feed our plants, our animals, and our trees. If we want to build the greatest blooming of the heart then we need that water!

We, therefore, appreciate you if you can send us anything from $1 to $1million or 1 DOGE to 50 million DOGE. 

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We require multiple billions to educate the world in every single different language about the I AM Self and The Holy Trinity Within. 

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Please note that Stephen runs much of this company alone (it may not seem so, but he does!) He needs extra help lately because throughout the last 6 years he has also been taking out the powerful dark forces in the astral realms that were not aligned with Divine Plan. This has meant his chakra system and soul being ripped out on a daily basis, plus many more horrific things. It was not fun and it takes most of the day. Therefore, due to this front-line experience in the war... donations are needed at this time. 

At, we believe in specific pillars of education that support an embodied experience of awakening to more power, joy & ecstatic flow. 

These are our axioms of education come from Steve's journey to his I AM (Christ) Self & beyond:

✔  Self-love, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. Self-discovery of the I AM & Soul Connection. Rebirth of The Holy Trinity within. 

✔ Deep understanding and tools of how to work with the body for healing. We have found that the somatic healing path is absolutely key to gaining access to higher consciousness. 

✔  Tools that help you move past old traumas so that liberation can be achieved and the trauma can be left in the past. 

✔  Tools that help you work with the inner child. In doing so, you come closer to the Holy Trinity Within. 

✔  Deep understanding of what true heart-to-heart communication is. Clear and open communication when it comes to consent, resolving issues, and expressing love offer an opportunity to meet on the bridge of compassion.

✔  Deep understanding of what the inner masculine and inner feminine are. Each piece of inner alchemy you do around our inner masculine and feminine brings us closer to The Holy Trinity within. 

✔  Deep understanding of what it takes to embody unconditional love at every moment of each day.

✔  Profound understanding of sacred sexuality includes the power of the breath, the power of presence, the power of intention, consent, the energetic body, full-body orgasms, the power of sacred self-pleasure, and much more.

We will forever be students in love. We will keep on reporting back on our learnings in our research.

We also recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all with love education. You may resonate with our work, you may not. This is why we need a multitude of educational resources (offline and online) to cater to everyone. We do our best to keep our education accessible for all types of people as it is based on self-understanding, clear communication, love, self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-knowledge.