Self Breast Massage Is A Super Fast Way To Self Love


When people start to talk about female sexuality, they often give great attention to the genital area, or whether the woman reaches orgasm, if at all. It is surprising how many women have problems with their sexuality.

But because it is a subject about which women often have no one to talk to, they feel that they are alone in this problem.

There is often little information about sexuality as we grow up, so must become aware of the fact that through the breasts we can not only find the key to fulfilling and satisfying sex but also to the full experience of femininity. 

Did you ever ask yourself why sometimes men are attracted to women who are not blessed with dazzling physical beauty, as ‘beauty’ is perceived by most people? It is because these women are anchored in their femininity and radiate a kind of magnetism that men feel attracted to, like bees to honey.

Our body is magnetically polarized, like a magnet. The female body has a negative charge in the genital area and the positive charge is represented in the breasts, (for men, it is the opposite).

Above everything else, it is the breasts we must devote and focus our attention on, this is the gate that leads us to the secrets of our feminine power.

Very often our attention is paid to the breasts, but not in the correct manner. We are focused on their appearance. There are only a few women who are satisfied with the shape of their breasts and have a loving relationship with them. We would all like to have smaller or larger, firmer, breasts, and we don’t like the shape of our nipples.

What is interesting is that it’s often our subjective impression. If we have a partner who is not addicted to silicone balloons, most likely he loves our breasts. It is us that suffer about their appearance, and if we think we do not like our breasts, then he will not either.

I will never forget my experience in the hospital after my son was born, another woman (who had also just given birth) was speaking to me about breastfeeding. She refused to breastfeed him because of the fear of ruining her breasts. She requested artificial nutrition for him.

I was in shock. Even after much explanation to her about how the breast milk is so nutritionally important and also the sense of security when her baby has contact with the breast, she still chose the artificial milk. I had so much milk that I could have fed half a city, so I offered her milk for her baby. She refused, saying that her first child was on artificial nutrition from day one and he is completely fine. Sometimes we can be completely blinded by the addiction to our appearance or wrong beliefs based upon limited access to truthful information.

If we assume that it is indeed true that breasts are the key to our female sexuality and that the woman opens first in her breast and afterwards in her genital area (unlike men, who prefer it vice versa), then it is clear to us that unless we can find a loving relationship with our breasts, we can’t unlock our full potential in sex.

The path to our breasts will not come from outside of us; it will come from inside. They need the attention of our consciousness. The important things are often very simple. So simple that we do not believe that they could work, and it’s same in this case. During the day, find time for yourself, close your eyes for a moment and place your hands on your breasts, connect with them in your mind and start sending them love. You can also massage them gently. In the beginning, you may feel nothing or you may even feel numb. Do not be discouraged and continue.

In my workshops, when we get to this topic, many women tell me that they don’t feel any pleasure or excitement through stimulation of their breasts. This does not mean that they are an exception to the rule of the breasts opening first and yoni afterwards – they just need to awaken this area, and this can be done. Women often agree to penetration when they are not ready because they don’t know how their body should be awakened.

I was in the same situation. I declared that touching my breast did not excite me, I did not like it when my partner kissed them. To my surprise, the sensitivity of my breasts changed during breastfeeding. Hours of feeding with the mechanical movement of my son’s gums and my nipples sprang to life. There wasn’t anything sexual about it, it was simply an awakening of this area.

With time and growing awareness of how the female body works, today I can almost physically feel how my breasts are connected with my yoni and how they help ascend it to ecstatic heights. It’s a pity I did not know that at that time after birth, who knows whether the woman would have changed her opinion if she had found out that her breastfeeding can help her discover more about her body.

We can awaken our breasts in a different way, you don’t need a baby to do it. You can start with the exercise I described, and during the day you can connect yourself with your breasts at any time that it’s possible – that’s something you can do everywhere. With time, you feel this connection always, it will become some kind of background of all of your activities. This is a point that must be reached, it’s not so difficult as it might seem. The hardest thing is to start.

The speed of awakening of our breasts will also influence how much you will wear a bra. Will you wear one at work? At home? Or will you even wear it when sleeping? The more often you wear a bra, the more you suffocate a free expression of sexuality and spontaneity of lovemaking.

I have to ask you something else… what is your bra made from? Is it underwired? Or is it cushioned with gel? Research shows that women who use a tight-fitting bra are under more risk of breast cancer than those who go “au naturel”. **

The adverts only show the superficial side of things, and it is up us to realize that a tight bra prevents the free flow of lymph fluid, which flushes toxins out of the chest. To make matters worse, recent research suggests that wearing a bra does not help with back pain and certainly do not firm up the breasts. The muscles that hold our breasts up lose their strength and become weakened because of the bra.

In relation to breasts, I have to mention one more thing. Recently two clients came to me (separately) and both were covered body piercings; mouth, navel, nipples and clitoris. (Incidentally, I have not met one woman with a piercing that will not have some sexual problem). Something interesting happened... The first one took them off by herself after the first half of the session, and after the second half, she took off the rest of the piercings.

She had come to some realization. She started to use my advice and her own discoveries about her body. Within a short time, she experienced more sexual pleasure and her energy flows more naturally between her genitals and her breasts. The second woman didn’t come back, but she clearly experienced how differently energy ran through her breasts with a piercing and without.

We always have a choice but for some changes, we must be prepared.

So put your hands on your breasts, throw away your bras and your piercings, dear siSTARS! You will see how massive the change will be!

Some of the main benefits of a self-loving breast massage include:

- Increased blood flow in breast tissue.
- Draining the lymphatic system of toxins.
- Reduces breast pain and cysts.
- Connects us to our femininity.
- Reveals new gateways of pleasure!


Lucie is a guide and a coach for women to help women step fully into their feminine power. She has trained extensively with many leading tantric schools. Recently she has been inspired by H.H. Mamani, a Peruvian shaman and she was instrumental in publishing and translating his book The Prophecy Of Kurandera.

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