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Podcast #59 Fifteen Minute Brain Orgasms From Tongue Stimulation


In this podcast, our founder, Steve, speaks about his journey of discovering his orgasmic potential. He speaks about how he can now have brain orgasms, foot orgasms, kissing orgasms, heart orgasms, throat orgasms, and just a few years ago he was an average Steve walking the streets. Things have changed for him and they can for you too!

Transcript below.  

In this podcast, I'll be talking a bit about my personal journey, where I've been on my journey with knowing about my sexual energy, my body, and my orgasm. So for the guys listening, it can be interesting for you to know what is possible.

I believe anyone can get to this level. For women listening, maybe you might learn some things about the male body as well.

I started this process in 2013 and I was probably like the normal guy out there ejaculating all the time... thinking that the goal was to ejaculate. I didn't really know much about anything more than that.

I started to become an investigative journalist into what was the potential of my body was, I went to different workshops, the first one being a breathwork workshop where we were doing breathwork, it opened my body up to know this crazy kind of wolf-like energy.

A few weeks after that, I took a sexuality workshop in Guatemala where we did many different things but on one of the days, I think it was the last day, we did sacred spot work for men which involves a body massage which maybe lasts 40 minutes, a gentle, soothing, sensual massage to relax the body. Then after this, there's the insertion of a finger to the prostate, just inside the anus. When the finger entered, I felt this huge surge of energy go up to my heart and open my heart up like some kind of hot baked potato. It was seriously hot and it was only my heart activating like this. This was crazy for me. I'd never experienced anything like this!

I have also been to full body orgasm workshops where they teach you how to have orgasms without even having your body touched. I was pretty sceptical at first but then actually doing it and receiving it was very different and unexpected. I think it helped the I'd had these other experiences before with the breathwork and I had blind faith that it could work.

I was giving and receiving full-body orgasms without touch and then there were other elements to the session when we could use touch. These things would include stuff like tapping on certain parts of the body or following your intuition. One touchpoint was to hold the top teeth the two front teeth with the thumb or inserting a thumb inside the mouth... rubbing up and down on the ridges on the top of the mouth. This can produce an orgasm.

So there were all these different things I was learning and then bringing that into my sacred sex life with partners. During lovemaking, I have asked my partner to lick the middle of my forehead and this can activate a long *ALL neurons on fire psychedelic ecstatic experience* I could have an orgasm for an hour but most people can't lick my forehead for that long because it hurts the tongue. Tapping on the base of my spine during lovemaking or tapping on the front or back of my heart, licking my Adam's apple area, the middle of my neck. These will all bring me to an ecstatic orgasm.

This is the same or higher vibration orgasm of some king of 'penis' orgasm. We have to remember ejaculation is not orgasm. It's just a result of that area being stimulated. 

The orgasm is this high vibration that comes before Essentially this is all about spreading that ecstatic energy out through the breath but also through sound and movement. I'm also very aware and intuitive with my body. I have realised that I don't need a 'tantric lover' to have these experiences.

If you KNOW your body and can guide others then you can have these experiences with anyone, no matter their 'tantric experiences' - everyone is naturally 'tantric' once they have deprogrammed themselves from the trauma and pornification of their sex lives.  It's really down to you as an individual to open and awaken your own body.

Certain experiences with people would, or breathwork will help that. Obviously one of the big things you have to do I think the two biggest things you have to do as a male to get there is to stop ejaculating. Stop watching porn, at least go for a month, two months without ejaculating and learn how to breathe on your body the sexual energy and when I'll last forever, I could last days having sex without ejaculating but that is all down to the control of my breath.


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